NTBB: Is this fame too much for Mr Eazi to handle? (WATCH)


This is the second time Mr Eazi is receiving a bashment from his controversial Nigeria-Ghana statements and it’s almost like he never learns.

The first time, it was his tweet about the influence of Ghanaian sound on Naija music,This time, his statement in an interview with Capital Xtra suggested that he Mr Eazi brought about the formula that has since birthed some of the hottest Nigerian songs of 2016 and 2017. He even claimed to have introduced popular Ghanaian words like Odoo, Sika, Shittor, mami and we all know that these were actual shots fired at Wizkid, Runtown, Davido and all the artistes who explored these words.

You can trust Nigerian social media to put any and everybody in their place as tweets and memes and gifs flooded into Mr Eazi’s soul, and most didn’t have anything nice to say to him.

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Now, was Eazi wrong with what he said in the interview, well not completely. There was actually a significant tilt towards Ghanaian music elements following his  arrival on the scene but he  definitely did not start it. Nigerian and Ghanaian music have over the years borrowed from each other and now that there seems to be a perfect synergy that has delivered us into a new era of music, I really doubt that anybody should be taking credit for it.

Now to his obvious shade at Wizkid, Runtown and Davido,  Runtown shaded back with the tweet  ‘Bout to drop that new sound again and pls don’t get mad when i finish what you think you started ??” Mr Eazi’s counter-shade on the other hand was  a bit below the belt as he quoted Jayz’s lines in Dj Khaled’s I got the keys, and added “How are you still a slave in 2017”

if this is referring to the fact that Runtown is still in the middle of his Eric Many contract then we need to really ask where Mr Eazi got these new set of balls from.

No doubt, he’s been making major moves, in the international scene. A Fader feature, Apple music artiste of the month, his Late Late show appearance, His forth coming roundhouse Life is Eazi Culture fest in London, he just dropped Leg Over remix featuring French Montana and Major Lazer and top that with his sizzling romance with a billionaire’s daughter.

But is this enough for Mr Eazi to make sensitive comments about his colleagues? Well we really think he de needs to slow down on the controversy regardless of whatever international traction he is getting to avoid losing the strength of his core African fanbase.

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