LAGOS, NIGERIA – Thursday, July 23, 2020​ – ​After the blazing success of ​NSG’s project ‘​Roots’​ , today, Thursday, July 23rd ​NSG r​ elease the eagerly awaited visualforfanfavouritetrack,​‘L​ upita​’producedby4play.

Since the release of their acclaimed project last month, the London-based group has defined a sound, solidified a fanbase and proved once more why they are undeniable hit makers, dominating the summer of 2020.
The ​Kevin Hudson ​directed visual personifies the hook “D​ ark Skin Girl Like Lupita​”, t​ he video showcases beautiful black women, captivating the camera with sensual glances.​ Highlighted in ‘​Lupita’​ are well known faces, with the likesofrapper,L​ adyLeshurr,​YouTuber​NellaRose​andLoveIsland contestant P​ riscilla​, all being bought to the forefront of the radiantly shot video.
Continuing their domination of popular African and UK culture the transcendence of NSG into the mainstream global consciousness, is clear.
Listen to ‘​ Roots’​ and watch ‘​ Lupita’​ as NSG’s newest music video.


NSG Comprising members Kruddz, Mxjib, Mojo, OGD, Dope and Papii Abz, have been bubbling on the underground music scene for the past 6 years under the moniker NSG before breaking through with their 2019 hit ‘Options’. Representing many names for the different members of the group, from ‘Never Stop Growing’, to ‘No Sleep Gang’ the majority agreed ‘Never Stop Grinding’ as the overarching ethos.

The members came together while studying at Arts & Media School Islington. Except for Mojo, who they joke is “the one we found and looked after”. In fact they joke a lot, showing a brotherhood they have nurtured through the love of music. “Individually we all have a love for music and dancing” Kruddz explained.

Soon after, NSG had a designated meeting spot: a studio that had been set-up in OGD and Kruddz house (“It’s where the history started”). Though his mother would often be in the house, she preferred them being there than in the streets potentially getting into trouble. OGD – the producer behind NSG’s tracks – initially started out writing dubstep before becoming intertwined with the sound of producer Jae5, who is behind most of the biggest tracks from J Hus, eventually leading him to create NSG’s unique sound.

Essentially, NSG is on their own journey but also one that’s closely connected to the afro bashment sound that’s spreading across the globe. Where do they want to go? “Global domination” they say. “ We’re not looking at a United Kingdom thing, we’re looking at a global thing.”

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