Nipsey Hussle: 6 lessons we need to learn from the Jesus of Los Angeles

The circumstances surrounding the death of Nipsey Hussle (real name: Ermias Asghedom) may be very hard to shake off, but, it has ultimately revealed the essence of everything he stood for and lived for.

The global outpour of emotions proves that the go-getting Eritrean-American Visionary was not only a fantastic son/husband/father/friend/rapper, but also a silent game-changer and a beacon of hope to his immediate community and the world at large.

His death at 33 will forever remain a tragedy, but an even bigger tragedy it would be (and a disservice to Nipsey’s soul) if we do not imbibe the following lessons that the Jesus of Los Angeles modeled while he was alive.

Dream Big: Everything Nipsey achieved in his time began with a dream bigger than his reality and he pressed on to see most of it come to fruition.

Be Intentional: From doing music on his own terms, to building businesses tailored to absorb and uplift members of his society, Nipsey was purposeful. He knew exactly what he wanted and he was aggressive at achieving it.

Educate Yourself: Everyone in Nipsey’s life always talked about how much he sought for knowledge. Despite being a high school dropout, Nipsey self-taught himself everything he knew and applied it accordingly to his enterprise.

Share your knowledge: One of Nipsey’s biggest goals was empowerment. Whether it was an interview, a chat with his friends or even on wax, he constantly drew from his depth and wealth of knowledge to water the minds of everyone who cared to listen.

Leave a place better than you met it: If there’s one thing that Nipsey’s neighbourhood will miss him for, it would be how he turned their “good-for-nothing” narrative around. He was said to have hoisted a clothing store, a co-working space, a barbershop, a line of restaurants, a studio outfit and a record label, all to help boost the economy of his community.

Lead by example: In an interview with ABC News, one of Nipsey’s business partners known as Karen Civil said:

“You lead by example and he (Nipsey) did that with the way he taught you about understanding entrepreneurship, business, understanding black capital, creating value, owning real estate … that’s what he called ‘husslenomics… When he went to the studio it was his studio, when he went somewhere to eat, it was his business, when he went to get a haircut, it was his shop. He took ownership, he was very serious and he wanted to break the cycle that we cannot own, that we cannot provide.”



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