Nigerians: Kidnappers, Madmen, and Failed Citizens

Nigerians aren’t ready for “change”. We are not ready to have a good life, a better standard of living, and the stable economy our taxes are being paid for. Let’s break the “whys” down in three different reasons:

We Glorify Corrupt Politicians

We live in a country where people are sad, crying and depressed because the situation and the economic crises are so bad, that people aren’t able to keep up with the many expected financial demands. However, in many places in this Nigeria, many people are celebrating and doing a parade for the politician(s) who allegedly stole money.

Millions of dollars in our tax, sweat, and blood (for some) got stolen by inconsiderate fellows and people are doing celebratory parades for them in the streets? Why? Because he gave you rice or what during his campaign? Explain to me how and why the country will get better when you are glorifying corruption and “green collar thieves?”

We Glorify Yahoo Yahoo and Ritualists

I saw a lot of people coming after Falz for calling out the artiste who was glorifying and singing about Yahoo Yahoo guys in his songs. A lot of people said things like “take it or leave it, Yahoo Yahoo guys are smart. It takes a smart person to successfully scam other people.”, “I understand why they are doing it, things aren’t easy.”

Are you saying you understand why people scam others of their life savings? You are okay with people killing others and defiling their body parts by using them for ritual purposes just to hammer in their next cybercrime?

Is there any hope for this country when the supposed “leaders of tomorrow” are the ones dabbling in Yahoo Yahoo and rituals? Are we even thinking long term or has blood money blinded our eyes to this extent?

We Glorify Kidnappers

Remember the story of Evans the kidnapper, who is still awaiting trial, while his family are living lavishly on the money he made from kidnapping. His wife took to social media to beg for forgiveness on behalf of her husband and also for his release… And get this, many Nigerians took her side and started calling for the release of a freaking kidnapper.

Help me understand this, how does this even help the country? A man who left many parents and loved ones in tears because they were looking for their loved ones. A man who left many worried and took millions in ransom (remember there is a serious recession) to be able to afford the lavish lifestyle his family currently enjoys is getting support from many Nigerians?

There was a story of kidnappers in Surulere a while ago and it was really scary. And there are Nigerians trying to glorify and excuse kidnapping? Come on, where is the common sense in that?

If the people in this country are willing to excuse and glorify corruption, online scams, rituals, kidnapping, and crimes that people get hanged and killed for in other countries, then we really aren’t ready for the type of change we deserve.

It just means we deserve where we are right now as a country and as a people.

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