Nigerian Fanatic Writes Open Letter to The Weeknd as he turns 27

Canadian Starboy Abel Tesfaye Aka The Weeknd turned 27 yesterday and it definitely did stir emotions globally.

Popularly known for his cult following who tag along with the “XO till we Overdose” slogan, it appears some of the singer’s fans take him and his music a little more personally.

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Below is an open letter addressed to The Weeknd by one of his Nigerian fans who is obviously connected to him on a much much deeper level(you can add weird to that).

It reads thus.

“February 16, 2017

Dear Abel,

This is a true story.

I woke up today, with an unnatural and cranky desire to listen to our most recent gem of an album; Starboy. I mean, the desire to listen to you is as constant as K but… this felt different. I was a couple of tracks deep before it hit me… Today is the 16th. Starboy was born today.

You’ll say coincidence…I say spiritual.

Spiritual because I fell in love even before I knew what you looked like. The experience will never leave me. The way I froze on my way to the kitchen when I first heard your voice on Wiz Khalifa’s “Remember You”…I stood there without flinching for all 5 minutes and out of the frustration of not seeing you, I shrugged.

I recognized that voice a few months later on “wicked games” and I haven’t shrugged ever since.

Thank you. For all the nights you whispered to me through your music; helping me make sense of it all while waiting for a better phase in my life.

My friends would regularly blurt. “He doesn’t know if you exist.” But that’s not true. There is no way you somehow didn’t know in your subconscious that every line you sang would one day affect many many people like me. 

While others are of the opinion that you objectify women and lead this generation on a path of substance usage,(these I will reserve my stance on. For another open letter maybe) I wonder how I get religion insights from it all. You know, if only I could read my bible as much as I read your lyrics…If only I could tell people about my faith as much as I preach your gospel…

The joy I felt when the mainstream came calling was like that of a Nigerian mother whose son has made it . Though we who dwelt on your pre-mainstream stuff will forever remain jealous and possessive, we haven’t been any prouder.

Before I lose track (because I have a gazillion more where these came from), I’ll just round this up.

Happy birthday The Weekend Chukwunonso Oyinkansola Abel Tesfaye (I hope you like your Nigerian names). Stay F**king sh*t up.

I feel it deeply that you might be the Michael Jackson of the coming generation but what do I know. Whatever it is my darling, I got you. And I’ll keep sticking it out here for you…whether you eventually drop a hundred thousand records or you finially smoke till you cannot hit another note.

Yours In Love and Loyalty,

Xo till we OD…

Your Nigerian Mummy Yo????????

PS: Seeing you in concert is way up there on my bucket list. Front row. Aaaand when are you coming to Nigeria?”

What are your thoughts on this?

Even though we think this is really beautiful and heartwarming, this fan is definitely twerking on the thin line between admiration and obsession.????????????

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