Savagery moments to start the new year!

Nigerians are clearly not holding back when it comes to trolling on social media, and even musicians aren’t spared from the hell that is ‘Nigerian-twitter banter’. Nowadays, if your music doesn’t just cut it or you make any funny/strange comment, there are lurkers who’ll come out of the shadows of being anon to drag you down on social media.

It’s just the first month of the year and we have seen so many tantalising clapbacks from Nigerians. Clearly taking the year of no chill to a whole new level, let’s take a moment to enjoy the few ones that have been dropped so far while hoping for funnier ones in the month of February.


  • Kicking off with Adekunle Gold. After the release of his much-anticipated album, Gold, which for some reason wasn’t well received by Nigerians (i don’t understand why because that album was AWESOME!!) A tweep told him to remove ‘King’ from his handle. auto-draft-59And he jammed her back to her roots! Yoruba savage style!


  • Naija Queen of pop, Yemi Alade, got a barrage of, bants, trolls, and insults thrown at her for the video clapback in response to the criticism she got for the poor lyrics in her single ‘tumbum’


 Nigerians didn’t stop there! Even Skales that was on his own got dragged into her mess. bruh! 


  • Mr Eazi, just days after winning the next-rated artiste at the Headies,  made a comment and got dragged down to Ghana, (because it was evident that he wanted to be one of them).




Obviously, it didn’t end there. Because the only thing Nigerians love more than trolling football fans after their club loses a match is trolling Ghanaians and their Jollof rice at any chance they get.????????

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mr eazi

Dotun came to Mr Eazi’s aid with some facts of his own, but got brutally jammed back to Cool FM! Fam, see hot tears inna me eye!


  • Speaking of Daddy Yo, Headies artiste of the year, Wizkid, wasn’t spared for the lyrics and overall quality of his hit single.


… Nigerians will use any opportunity to drag Ghana.

wizkid-3 wizkid


Fam, I don’t think I ever want to get on the bad side of Nigerian Twitter. because the savagery on there is something that even countries in the abroad have come to acknowledge. no wonder they stay clear of our wahala.
If there’s any other celebrity jam fest we missed, feel free to share them with us in the comments below.????


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