Nas Said Jay-Z Knew About R. Kelly’s Crimes Over A Decade Ago

In the wake of the docuseries, Surviving R. Kelly, an interview Nas did with Wendy Williams in 2002 has resurfaced with some damning accusations directed at Jay-Z.

During their conversation, Nas insinuated both he and JAY-Z knew about R. Kelly’s inappropriate behaviour around young girls.

“That’s not my style,” he said on Williams’ former 107.5 FM radio show. “I could have showed the R. Kelly video that everybody’s talking about and made fun of it and show pictures of Jay hanging out. You can’t tell me Jay didn’t see a 14-year-old girl come into the studio and sit on R. Kelly’s lap. You gonna tell me he didn’t see no 14-year-old girl come into the vicinity?

“You’ve seen it go down. I’ve been around R. Kelly … I’ve been on tours with him. I didn’t see no 14-year-old, but I talked to the man and see there’s a little problem there. The brother needs help and I pray for him. I’m here for the people. I’m here to talk the truth.”

Surviving R. Kelly has opened the eyes of many people to the alleged life of R. Kelly, with many victims of sexual, domestic, and physical abuse speaking up against the star.

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