Naija Celebrities Causing Rise In Beauty Enhancement And Cosmetic Surgery

Beauty/body enhancement seems to be the new trend for Nigerian celebrities and entertainers in Nigeria lately. For a while we know this has been the trend of the western world- it is not like other Nigerian celebrities have not been into this trend, but they were rather quiet about it. Recently though, some celebrities have become more open about it. Celebrities like Tonto Dike, Bobrisky, Toyin Lawani, Toke Makinwa and others have been somewhat opened about their transformations. What morals are these popular personalities setting for the young ones and the society? Why the sudden need to announce surgeries and bleaching regimes when we know how easily the youth are influenced by behaviour by celebrities?

Beauty/body enhancement is when someone tries to improve or augment their body in a way that suits them. It could be for medical reasons or just for self-esteem in-order to look and feel more beautiful. These enhancements come in various forms. From extreme procedures like plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery, skin bleaching, and piercings, to simple upgrades like getting false lashes, fake nails, etc.

Tonto Dike
Tonto Dike

Nollywood actress, Tonto Dike is one of the first Nigerians to admit she had cosmetic surgery and she explained how ashamed she used to be about her body until she had her surgery. Recently, Tonto took to Instagram to shade an ex-friend (whose name she didn’t mention), saying she confided in this friend when she wanted to go for her surgery and the friend discouraged her which made her feel horrible, but this same friend just had her own surgery.

It has been rumoured that she was referring to fashion mogul and skin/beauty expert Toyin Lawani. Toyin seemed to confirm it when she later took to her social media to say she doesn’t care what people think of her -that all that matters to her is minding her business.

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Tonto Dike’s post
Toyin Lawani’s post

Also, Bobrisky (Nigeria’s male Barbie doll) is a strong pioneer in the bleaching cream making and selling sector. Bobrisky also said earlier in the year that he would get surgery to make his butt bigger.

Why do these celebrities go through all these lengths in the name of beauty? Maybe it is to boost self-esteem and image, to be like western celebrities, to feel younger and youthful, to make their partners happy etc. Let’s not forget that they are always in the public eye and under more pressure to look good always.

What message are they passing to the young ones who look up them? Kids and young ones copy what they see on television and when they have a role model who does the above, it is safe to say that they might follow suit. The message they are passing indirectly is that they are not happy in their own skin and body and they can augment their bodies to be how they want. Hey! I’m not shaming them for choosing to do what they want with their body, but we should all remember that the procedures they go through can be dangerous and very harmful. In some cases, it can lead to death ( Kanye West’s mum and a former First Lady of Nigeria are examples). If you go to the market now, there are many products for skin bleaching, butt enlargement, hips enlargement and so on and most have harmful chemicals used in making them. Most of these bleaching creams can cause cancer amongst other skin diseases.

In conclusion, you do not have to go under the knife or go to other harmful lengths such as bleaching to be beautiful. There are safer ways to achieve a good skin and a banging body, like eating good and healthy meals and exercising. Going on a diet, using sunscreen, eating fruits like carrot, pawpaw, orange, etc. can help your skin to glow. Remember, you are beautiful the way you are you don’t have to change for people to accept or love you. Look in the mirror every day and tell yourself “I am beautiful”, love yourself and love life. Cheers…

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