“My Life Changed When Davido Signed Me” – Dremo DMW

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Jolly, exuberant and focused are the words that describe Dremo. Talking with the DMW star and “Bigger Meat” crooner, one would know he is such a sweet and interesting person to have a conversation with. There was never a dull moment all through the interview as he cracked the whole crew up with his very funny side comments.

Dremo shares with Vibe.ng insights of his humble beginnings, his spec in ladies, his ongoing plans and other interesting things about himself that his fans would love to know.

How did you come about the name Dremo?

It’s actually a long story, but not that long though. Dremo has a meaning behind it. It was given to me by my brother and it means “dropping raps enables my originality”.

Some sites say you were born in 1993, while others say 1996. We’ll like to know: when were you actually born?

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Both are wrong. I was born in 1992. I am 26 years old.

How and when did you start music professionally?

I started music professionally when I got signed to my first record label APPE Gang in 2013. I was in the studio for a year and a half. I wasn’t going anywhere. I was just in the studio trying to get my stuff together.

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How and when did you meet Davido?

Well, how I met Davido, I won’t say it was me being lucky, I will say I think it was me just being blessed. The first time I met Davido was a week before I got signed into DMW. Apparently, I was in Ibadan trying to hustle my way to Lagos to make it big. I had this friend, I still have him though, a big shout out to Banko, right now he is the president of DMW basically. I had been telling him to try get Davido to do a song with me. He was like I should chill that one day it will come through. So I was in my room, I can remember vividly, I just got back from Lagos from one hustle, then a call came in from Banko. He told me to come to Lagos. So I went to Lagos. I met Davido, excited, you know I am still a fan. I was very star struck. We all went out that night to have drinks then came back home, others went to sleep but Davido wasn’t sleeping. So I went to the studio where his laptop was. Usually, they said he doesn’t let anyone touch his laptop but when I got there it was opened and since I couldn’t sleep, I was like what can I do?

I then saw a picture of Fela on the wall, so I was like why can’t I do something about Fela. At that time the song in vogue was ‘Panda’ by Designer, so I just downloaded the instrumental, then I started writing something about Fela. I started with the first verse and hook and I think the music got Davido’s attention because he came back to the studio. He liked the song and he told me to complete it and return his laptop back to him. Afterward, I went back to the mainland because that was where my money could sustain me.

The next day, I got a call from Banko he said someone wants to talk to you (he mimics Davido’s voice) “Hello, you are getting signed tomorrow”. I was too excited I thought it was April Fool because that day was April first. That’s how I got signed by David.

On one of your songs, you said ‘my life changed in one night’ you said the same on Davido’s birthday what did you mean, how did your life change in one night?

That’s the night I’m talking about when I received that call from Banko and heard (he mimics Davido’s voice) “Hello, you are getting signed tomorrow” that moment that minute, was when my life changed. I didn’t go back to Ibadan, I didn’t go back the mainland, I started living on the island from that night. I started making music, I started getting shows and people started knowing me not only in Nigeria.

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Do you ever see yourself leaving DMW?

Not now. I am not sure, but right now, DMW is more like a family business. Only if I am bringing my own stuff which will be under DMW. It’s just more like a family business.

What has been the experience so far, in DMW?

So far so good to be honest. We are growing. I feel like every day we grow. DMW, 30 billion gang, Davido, the whole package has been good. Definitely, we have ups and downs but it’s been good. Mehn, we thank God.

What’s your relationship with DMW team members, compared to the other teams out there how would you say DMW is doing?

We are a family. I see them as my brothers, we check on each other as a real family would do. I have known Ichaba and Fresh from way back but I just met Mayorkun, Peruzzi, and Yonda but it feels like I’ve known them from way back.

You’ve released quite a couple of tracks. Which would you say you are most attached to- that one song you find yourself singing all the time and why?

It might be ‘Kpa’, it was the first commercial song that really did well. My DM even changed! Some nice girls started messaging me because of ‘Kpa’. Most of the time ‘Kpa’ just pops in my head.

You dropped your first official EP early this year, what inspired it and what has been the feedback so far?

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My fans inspired it, there was a time I wasn’t dropping music like that. I was just doing features and working on myself because I wasn’t feeling the vibe. So, I went to America and that’s when I decided I was going to drop an EP. I decided to stop starving my fans and give them nine songs. So, I recorded the first track “Nobody” which sounded like an introduction to an EP.  Basically, it was my fans, and so far it’s been a great success. I have two songs that are really popping from the EP which is “Kpa” and “Bigger meat”.

You recently released visuals to “bigger meat”, if I may ask what is the meaning of “bigger meat” and what inspired the song?

I did a freestyle of bigger meat which I dropped last year. I was talking about people that have bigger sizes of things. The girls that God gave good body and also the guys that God gave good hmmm… next question (he laughs).

Noticed you like saying slay mama, is it possible that there is a slay mama in your life right now? Or a girlfriend maybe?

I’m still looking. I think she’s still is a call away. I haven’t seen any slay queen yet, but I’m open to applications.

How do you like your women, like what’s your spec in ladies?

To be honest, before I used to like them skinny body, skinny waist, and bigger meat. But right now I’m more into brains. What are you bringing to the table? What do you have to offer? Do you have ideas that can better my life and vice versa? But all in all, I like a bigger below. Although I don’t mind a big front, bigger meat only.

Who are your influences musically?

I have like four, but number one is Davido. Not because he signed me; it is because I know him personally. He has the spirit of a leader, he doesn’t just care about himself, his team, or his family members. He cares about random things. David can care about someone who is outside his gate singing or sitting, he can just send someone to give him 100 dollars. I love his heart, his good heart.

Another person is Olamide, reasons because he started from nothing to where he is today, big shout to him. Burna Boy, I just like his lifestyle and his music. He is so dope yeah! Simisola’s music is crazy because it tells a story. Every music she does tells a story. Although I can’t sing like her but I try to tell a story with my raps.

Internationally, Jay Z because he is a businessman and he’s open-minded. 2pac is a legend obviously. The way I want to leave this music Industry is just like the way he did, not that I want to die or something. 2pac laid his legacy and 20 years from now they will still talk about 2pac and that’s what I want. Lastly, Fela, I was watching his documentary again. That man is a strong man. I believe if I combine all these powers, I will be untouchable.

If you didn’t become a musician what would you be doing right now?


I decided a long time ago to become an artist, but if I wasn’t doing music, I’ll probably be a businessman trying to run my business, because I love money.

Can you marry a girl that can’t give head?

(Laughs out loud) I don’t know… like I said it doesn’t necessarily have to beauty or skills. I can still marry her. It doesn’t matter if she gives me head or not as long as I love her and well, she can learn.

What’s the weirdest thing a fan has done or said to you?

There a lot of things but the one I really appreciate is for a fan to say they love me. Why will you say you love me when you don’t know me like that? So for them to say that they love me, it means a lot to me. There are other weird things but they are my fans; I don’t want to cast them.

What’s the worst trouble you’ve ever gotten into?

Police wahala. I’ll just let it slide, but police, I no be your friend like that.

Five things you can’t live without?

I can’t live without, music, God (obviously), food, (I like food) the opposite sex because it’s going to be boring. What are we doing in this life if there are no girls? I don’t want to say this but it’s true. I can’t live without my phone, I can’t, because I have tried it- I tried to stay away from my phone for two days but it didn’t work.

What do you think of Mayorkun’s album, Mayor of Lagos?

I love it because before he dropped it I already had my favorite songs like Sope, Red-handed, Drama Queen. I think Drama Queen is my best I love it, it’s a great body of work.

Who are your favorite behind the scene people “directors, producers”?

Big shout out to Clarence Peters, Director Q, Dammy Twitch. Producers; Fresh Ben jams, TY mix, they are a lot but I can’t mention them all, but if I didn’t mention your name you know I got mad love for you.

If you could give Dremo of 5yrs ago an advice, what would it be?

I’ll tell Dremo to be careful, that’s all.

Which musician/ artist would you love to collaborate with next?

Right now, I want to work with Lil Baby he is going crazy in the United States now. I’d like to work with Rihanna, Drake, Nasty C, Sakordie. They are plenty though but I’ll like to work with anyone that’s open to working with me basically. It’s music, any vibe can come your way.

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If you could be a fruit or a colour which would it be and why?

I was going to say orange-orange but that’s too cliché. I’ll love to be an apple, it’s sweet but in the bible it was dangerous. So, bite me at your own risk. For colour, I’ll say red. Red is bright, but it still means danger. Oh, I am putting on red…I didn’t know (laughs).

Your show “Codename Live” is coming up soon what should your fans expect?

Be expecting energy. You know I always preach about energy, but that day it’s going to be different. It’s my day. You are not inviting me to perform, it’s basically my show. So, just be expecting energy.

What’s next for Dremo?

In the end, God’s plan, but right now what I am planning is to drop another EP next year. It’s going to be crazy, expect lots of surprises because I’ll be building it around a concept. I’ll also be playing most of my shows next year, dropping more videos and singles, more collaborations. I’d probably venture into some other business, but now it’s on a low. So, next year I just hope God keeps us, so we can fulfill our dreams.

What’s your motto and advice you live by?

“Absolute passion powers everything”, as long as you have passion, just keep pushing. Your life will change in one night

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