Music Review: In Search of Higher Frequencies (Mojeed)

Three years after dropping his highly impressive mixtape, Westernized West African, Mojeed is back with an EP titled In Search of Higher Frequencies. It’s a six-track project and features Show Dem Camp lyricist Tec and rapper Tesh Carter. I’ve been a Mojeed fan since he gave me life with his verse on Leriq’s Comment Tu T’appelle back in 2014. I also loved his last mixtape and was beyond excited to see what he had in store for us.


Something I’ve always enjoyed about Mojeed’s music is his use of samples and dialogue. He’s actually a storyteller that doesn’t only rely of “bars” to tell his story. That definitely shined through on this album (especially on Eko Atlantic and In Search) as he used audio samples from various sources. I really enjoyed the Fuji infusion on Eko Atlantic as Mojeed is never one to shy away from his Yoruba heritage. However, my favourite song on the project is definitely Koshilo. I absolutely love the production (tiri gbosa for Drill Meister) and it’s definitely going to be on repeat for a while. This is definitely the song I see picking up the most mainstream buzz. Tec, from my favourite rap group SDC, brought his usual fire on The Charm (once again the choice of samples is fire). My new obsession is Love Spell featuring Tesh Carter. It’s one of those realistic ass love songs that touches the shitty, insecure shit but also the butterflies-in-your-stomach shit. The album rounds off with Eleniyan which I love because Mojeed speaks the most tush Yoruba ever.

All in all, I definitely enjoyed this project both as a listener and as a reviewer. There were special messages and a lot of the verses were very introspective, which I can always appreciate. You can always see how Mojeed’s background and personal experiences shape and inform his music and In Search of Higher Frequencies was no different.



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