“My Mum taught me how to give oral s3x” – Anthony Taylor

Anthony Taylor just revealed to us – to the world, that his mother taught him how to give oral s3x.

The Black-ish star recently appeared on Conan and was very revealing about his childhood and just how well his mother, Doris Hancox, took “mama knows best” to a whole new extreme level by teaching him, his brothers and his friends how to go down on a woman… *Gulps*.

Anthony and Mum, Doris
Anthony and Mum, Doris

She not only taught me and my brothers and my boys but also the women how to do what they needed to do. My mother has a very extensive video collection, and she would put the videos on. And go into graphic detail as to what’s going on in the video.

…. My father didn’t know how to eat pu**y. So, she said, ‘I will be damned if I send my three boys out in the world not knowing how to do that — so it’s my duty, as a woman, because your daddy didn’t know what the hell he was doing,’ the black-ish star said.

Anthony and Alvina. (Check out that wide smile!)
Anthony and Alvina. (Check out that wide smile!)

I guess now we know why Anthony’s wife, Alvina Stewart, always has a smile on her face, hmmm! She’s getting fire lurving from a professional.

P.S – They’ve been married for over 20 years.

Talk about a classic case of passing fire knowledge to the next generation.

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