Mr Eazi: Singer Splurges Big on Ghanaian-Inspired Diamond Chain

From Accra to Lagos and Lagos to London, Mr Eazi has been tearing up cities, winning hearts and making his music reach even more audiences that even some A-list artistes may never reach. And in a gesture of good faith, Mr Eazi has gone all out to get a customized neck chain to represent his heritage and the African nation he loves the most; Ghana. (I bet you thought it was Nigeria, huh? Psyk!).

The “Holy Water” crooner made a customised yellow gold-diamond necklace with crisscrossed Reptile Adinkra symbol and also Yellow Gold Diamond Cuban Link. The crisscrossed reptile represents the Adinkra symbol Funtunfuneyu and Denkyemfunefu the “Siamese crocodiles”.

The Ghanaian Adinkra symbol Funtunfunefu-Denkyemfunefu (or ” Siamese Crocodile “) literally translates as ” the Siamese crocodiles have one stomach yet they fight over food when eating. ” It can be invoked to remind us of the usefulness of compromise and the uselessness of fighting).

Check out the stunning chain in Seattle Gold’s  Instagram post below:


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