Movie Review: ‘Banana Island Ghost’ Is What Nollywood Has Been Missing


Banana Island GhostWhen I first heard a movie called Banana Island Ghost was in the works, what popped into my mind was ‘great, another Nollywood comedy cliché.’ However, when the trailer dropped a few days later, my interest was piqued a little even though I felt the trailer had made the same mistake all Nollywood movies usually make, – giving away too much info in the trailer that we all know what’s going to happen in the movie… But I have to admit, this time I was wrong!

Banana Island Ghost literally blew my mind in a very B.I.G way!

The trailer fooled all of us into thinking we know all there is to the movie. Trust me, there is so much more to the movie, many subplots and storylines that you will never ever see coming. B.I.G is the perfect blend of drama, comedy and action, and is without a doubt the best movie of its genre in Nollywood.

Banana Island Ghost is about finding your way and what is most important to you, fighting for what you believe in, and above all, self-sacrifice.

BB Sasore’s movie follows the story of two people. On one side, you have Ijeoma (Chigul) who is desperately trying to get the money required to pay for her Banana Island house, and on the other, you have Patrick (Patrick Diabuah) – a ghost scared to enter heaven without knowing what love feels like and without a soulmate, so he convinces God (Bimbo Manuel) to give him some time to find to find both.

The movie was truly written with Chigul (Ijeoma) and Patrick Diabuah (the Ghost) in mind. Considering the fact that this is Chigul’s first lead role in a movie, her performance was worthy of both an AMVCA and an OSCAR (yes, I said it!) because she really brought the character to life in a way that is relatable to every single Nigerian woman no matter who you are and what you do.

B.I.G is true to its genre of comedy, yet it doesn’t just test the waters of drama like other movies such as “The Wedding Party,” “A Trip to Jamaica,” and other rom-coms/comedy-drama movies, B.I.G dives deep into action with a mind-blowing scene that had been building up from the beginning of the movie and is totally worth the wait. The action scenes had an Avengers feel to it – perfectly intertwined with comedy in a manner that is sure to take you on a memorable ride and worth every moment spent sitting and watching the movie.

The lights, sound, video, lines, casting and scripting of the movie were all top notch. Kudos to BB Sasore (Writer and Director) because there were no traces of the ‘forced humour’ you notice in many Nollywood movies. The lines and acting were done in such a manner that had everyone in attendance at the premiere bursting out in laughter effortlessly!

Banana Island Ghost is THE STEP other movies should consider when looking for the right step to take. The movie was shot in solely in Lagos, had beautiful sceneries and had quality scenes in the movie that showcased Nigerian products and brands in never-before-seen ways in Nollywood. The transitions between the video effects and Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) in the movie flowed seamlessly, and though the movie screams bougie, it showcases the Nigerian culture, Lagos, and our Motherland’s products in ways that have never been seen before on the big screen.

B.I.G is one of the best films in the 2000s and is way ahead of its time!

Banana Island Ghost will hit cinemas nationwide on August 4, 2017.

My Score: 8/10

Produced by Biola Alabi and executive produced by Omorinsojo Akinnola, Banana Island Ghost stars Chigul, Bimbo Manuel, Saidi Balogun, Ali Nuhu, Dorcas Shola Fapson, Damilola Adegbite, Uche Jombo, Patrick Diabuah, Tomiwa Edun, Makida Moka and a host of many others.

Watch trailer below

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