MET GALA 2019: Celebrities Who Should Have Been Sent Back Home

by Tiffy Daniels 

The annual Met Gala took place on the 6th of May, 2019, wherein celebrities from all spheres in the entertainment industry came together to honor the theme ‘Camp: Notes on Fashion’.

While some of our favorite artists slayed on the red carpet, others…well others just seemed lost. Confidently lost, I must say. Here are some of the worst dressed celebrities at the 2019 Met Gala.


SHE SLAYED THE 2018 MET GALA RED CARPET. What happened this year remains a mystery. I suppose you can’t win every time. Despite the fact that she’s a designer and a renowned one at that, she didn’t particularly pull off whatever look she seemed to be going for. Except of course she was aiming to be the alien on the red carpet.


Many have argued that Michael was the best dressed male on the red carpet, and I’m here wondering what’s wrong with the world. There is probably an underlining message in his fit which I perceive to be ‘gender exploration’, but that doesn’t change the fact that it was completely unappealing.


There was absolutely nothing delightful about this look. Someone should have told her, “Go back home and sleep Gwyneth, since you’re already in your night gown”.


What are you doing Caroline? It’s not a Halloween party!


I don’t even know what he was supposed to be. What are those on his feet?


As opposed to his name, Harry Styles didn’t look so stylish on the red carpet. He seemed more like Harry Awkward.



Bowles’ outfit looked like it was trying to make up its mind and this confusion largely influenced my sight, negatively.

There are tonnes of other celebrities that deserved to be sent home but let’s make do with these few.


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