Mayorkun Magazine DMW 2017Mayorkun’s name should really be Destiny Boy. And by that, I do not mean in likelihood to the 13-year-old sensation who sings fujified covers of Afropop hits in hilariously auto-tuned pitches. It’s just in the way this music thing worked out for him.

One minute he is a young banker in the middle of his ACCA certification tutorials, drafting his resignation with plots to join another bank and the next minute, he’s receiving DMs from Africa’s biggest star.

It was the tension with a senior colleague at work and the frustration around his resignation that pushed him go on Twitter to upload a video of himself playing the keyboard, and singing his own version of The Money- One of Davido’s finest collaboration with Olamide.

Before he knew what was going on…,

@Iam_Davido Retweeted your tweet.

@Iam_Davido liked your tweet.

@Iam_Davido followed you.

@Iam_Davido sent you a direct message.

The content of Davido’s DM was “I wan sign you asap”, and the minute Mayorkun read it, he was so shook that, he sent in a wrong phone number when OBO asked him for one.

Well his name is not Destiny Boy but it is also not the popular Yoruba demon name Mayokun. ‘Mayor’ is a slightly tweaked derivation from his first name Mayowa but the suffix –Kun, was an accidental product of watching too much Naruto. Kun loosely means boy in Japanese so in actual sense, Mayorkun’s name translates into Mayor Boy…

I remember I received one call the day I dropped Mama saying ” let’s bet, this song no go blow. This pon pon no be for everybody”…

It’s Christmas eve and Las Gidi is half empty, thanks to mass travelling and the relocation of cars from the roads to fuel queues. Inflation is now raised to the power of three but somehow, these odds seem not to be affecting the litter of show tickets that pile up the entrances of the biggest event centres in Lagos, or the beaming lights of digital posters and billboards, promising of more pocket tensioning spectacles to come.

Mayorkun already knocked his debut concert out the park some days back but if the December gig guide on his IG is still anything to go by, seeing him and his team pull up at Studio Fresco was some sort of miracle.

From a distance, our final cover star for the year appeared purely stress free and colour ready for the season in his green striped long sleeved top. He was regularly licking his upper lip in natural response to the unserious harmattan that arrived unannounced that morning and as we exchanged greetings, I could sense from his voice and his shaded eyes, that he’s had many sleepless nights of screaming atop different stages. I later teased him saying that’s what he gets for making one of the biggest songs of 2017 and he smiled back with” … we are about to get the biggest song for 2018″.


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