Male Virgins: 7 Things You Must Know Before Having S3x

So you’re a dude who’s of reasonable age and you’ve finally decided to pop your cherry. Or maybe you’re one of the dudes who kept his virginity till marriage and didn’t let the world soil you, Kudos. Obviously, you’re inexperienced and you have n idea how to go about it and you might not really have proper s3x education, well fret no more, we’re here to help with these helpful tips below.

1. There is no time when you can have unprotected s3x without the risk of STD or pregnancy: Many are fooled by the myth that a woman in her cycle will not get pregnant, the truth, however, is that there are lower risks, but she can still get pregnant.

2. Your p3nis size is not as important as your skill: If you don’t have a micropenis which is less than 3 inches, then your p3nis is okay, all those men you see in porn videos with humongous p3nises are abnormal so just learn to use what you have and you’ll be okay.

3. A double condom will not give double protection: Wearing two condoms to have sex will not increase your protection against diseases, in fact, the use of two condoms is a risk because the friction between the two can cause a tear and spill the sp3rm.

4. It is normal to have erectile problems on your first attempt: Your first s3xual encounter may not be as wonderful as you have dreamt it would be, as a matter of fact, many people have a terrible first attempt, with weak er3ction and premature ejaculation occurring frequently.

5. Masturbation is not a bad thing: Don’t let people fool you that masturbation is unhealthy, experts note that it is a healthy way to release your s3xual tension and refreshes your semen, reduces stress lowers risk of prostate cancer but it can, however, become a serious problem where it becomes an addiction.

6. Plenty foreplay is always good: Don’t be pressured into jumping right into s3x when the opportunity comes, it is best to let your body go slow and approach s3x with less pressure, too much rushing may lead to disappointment.

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