London rapper Knucks delivers ode to his roots with new single ‘Rice & Stew’

North West London rapper and producer Knucks has delivered his latest single, ‘Rice & Stew’, a quirky hip-hop anthem which marks his debut release on Island Records.

A fun and light-hearted track echoing the early productions of Kanye West and Jay-Z, ‘Rice & Stew’ is an ode to Knucks’ Nigerian heritage.

Featuring strong string and percussive elements, the melodic ‘Rice & Stew’ is also accompanied by an official video in which a series of childhood flashbacks see a young Knucks raiding his parental freezer for ice cream, only to find rice stored in the tub instead. A common occurrence in many African households, the hilarious flashback will certainly resonate with those who share a similar background.

“The song is about the illusions and fronts people put up today, whether it’s their personality on social media or how they portray themselves in real life,” explains Knucks. “The rice in the ice cream tub is a metaphor for the expectations we give people based on these illusions and the disappointment we get when we realise the truth of what’s really inside.” 

Making headlines with his Nas-inspired debut mixtape ‘Killmatic’Kilburn resident Knucks has garnered widespread acclaim on account of his UK Rap flow fused with a more stateside R&B influenced production sound. Packing a strong lyrical prowess inspired by his teenage admiration for Missy Elliot’s witty bars, the 24-year-old Londoner started producing when he was just 12 years old.

Amassing over 1 million Spotify streams on previous hit ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’, Knucks again showcased his keen ear for sampling, utilising the obscure Usher track The Many Ways on his most recent track ‘24’. A testament to his vast musical knowledge.

Asked where he wants to be 5 years from now, Knucks laughs: “I just want to do what I love doing and get paid for it”. With every release, that particular dream starts to look more and more tangible as 2019 shapes up to be the most exciting year in this rising star’s career.

‘Rice & Stew’ is set for release this Thursday 21st February.

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