Local Rapper extraordinaire: Meet YBNL’s newest Inductee; Davolee

Oluwashelefumi David known as Davolee is another truth spilling, bone cracking lyricist with the ability to relate his experiences on the street using qualitative Yoruba agidi and punchlines.  Growing up in Mushin and Ebute Metta in Lagos has definitely given him a stealth advantage, placing him the league of unadulterated indigenous rappers.

His identity is clearly rugged, street and real with a blend of casual laid-backness, qualifying his placement in YBNL as no ordinary occurrence or coincidence.


How has your stay at YBNL been?

Davolee: Yeah my stay at YBNL has been awesome, it has been good.


What was it like before YBNL? 

Davolee: Yeah it’s not been easy, it’s not been funny, but then we pushing, hustle, one time.


Tell us who Davolee is.

Davolee: I’m Oluwashelefumi David, young boy hustling, trying to make it big in the streets and of course I found my way out of the streets into YBNL and of course we still pushing, its been hustle hustle, I had to sell pure water on the streets and after my SSCE, I worked at festival bar which is my first official single then I worked in several companies where they produced this and that, pure water, table water and then I find myself doing Instagram videos before I was found by Olamide, we thank God for today.


What sets you apart from other indigenous rappers?

Davolee: Yeah its not that my kind of music is full of stories ,the only thing that makes me different from every other indigenous rapper is that I tell stories, like I try to put whats going on out there, what I witness, what happens to me in my music because I believe that’s the only way I can pass the message across.


What weight would you say indigenous rap  has pulled so far in the music industry?

Davolee: Yeah, I really can’t say because I new out here, I’m fresh but then let’s see how things go, but then if you look at the likes of Reminisce and Olamide they are doing big out there so definitely we are getting there.


The link up for pepper them gang, how did it come about?

Davolee: Badoo called me, he was like can you come to my place? I was like yeah. On getting there, he was already on it, he had done the first verse and was about to record the second verse. I was feeling the beat, so he was like Davolee, do you want to do anything?” before I could say yes or no, he was like “oya come join” and that’s how it is, just normal process, no long thing.


How has your verse on pepper them gang been received in the industry and what perks came with it?

Davolee: It’s been massive, it gave me a lot of recognition, that’s like my introduction to the industry. Everything is beautiful about it, the fact that I’m Davolee, I still remain Davolee. You know I say one thing. If you come into a place and they do not recognize you then you need to buckle up like you’ve not worked enough. I don’t think it’s a big deal, after all, you no carry am come from heaven.


What’s next after your latest single Cirocing?

Davolee: Yeah, after Cirocing, the video is out but then it’s still single after single before the year runs out and even next year, till the very right time before I put out my studio album.


What do you intend to do after your deal with YBNL runs out?

Davolee: Well, it depends on me, YBNL is like a lifestyle. It’s not like anyone is leaving, YBNL is like my family.

There is an open letter written by one of your fans and in this letter, the fan expresses great pain over the amount of time it took to release Cirocing and wanted you to work harder at releasing hit songs. What do you have to say about that?
Davolee: Yeah, everything is time. Of course, I’m going to drop songs. At the end of the day it’s my career, I don’t want it to drain. The delay was after festival bar. I just feel there’s a lot to learn in this industry, you don’t just come like that…If you rush in, you rush out. Somewhere you have not been before, you need to just sit and look. You need someone to put you through {speaks Yoruba here} no go carry wrong step, shey you get? It’s not a day thing for you to learn, and then there’s a difference between when you want to learn and when you just want them to tell you for telling sake but I guess that’s what caused the delay.

What do you love about Nigeria?
Davolee: The fact say I be Nigerian no 1 repping.


What are your top 5 hit songs of 2017?
Davolee: Wo, Penalty, No fake love, If and Cirocing.


Who would you love to collaborate with asides Badoo?
Davolee: Burna boy.


What’s the worst way you’ve broken up with a girl?
Davolee: I don’t break up, I’ve never had a girlfriend (lol).



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Local Rapper extraordinaire: Meet YBNL’s newest Inductee; Davolee

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