Litvybez: The Young Artiste Breathing Fire Into Your Favourite Playlist

Lit Vybez
Lit Vybez

Nigerian most popular upcoming singer Wisdom Asuzu, known by his stage name ‘Litvybez’, paid a visit to’s office space for a quick interview session, following the impressive reception of his most recent single ‘Dey ur dey’ Ft. Zlatan Ibile.

The ‘Dey Ur Dey’ crooner in this interview talked about how he started doing music, what inspired the ‘Dey Ur Dey’ single, his view of the Nigerian music industry, artistes he’d love to feature, his plans for the rest of 2019 and of course, he gives us a hint on when to expect the long-anticipated ‘Dey Ur Dey’ official music video.

What’s the story behind the name ‘Litvybez’?

I actually started music with my birth name ‘Wisdom’ but I wanted something new. So, this one time while I was in Abuja and everything, I felt like everything that I was doing musically was just mad. I was feeling the vibes and since I was looking for a new stage name I decided to go with ‘Vibes’ but it was too simple. Then, someone came up with ‘FIRE VYBEZ’, I liked it and wanted to use it but I heard someone else say ‘LITVYBEZ’ and that stuck.

So when did you start music?

I started music 3  or 4 years ago but professionally, February 2018 when I got signed.

What inspired your most recent song ‘Dey Ur Dey’?

It was inspired by vibes. I was working on an EP and was supposed to make a song with Zlatan because we needed one feature on the EP that was going to breakthrough. We had already recorded a song, a piece of conscious music which I really like but everyone on the team didn’t because it wasn’t a banga, they all said that it was too slow. So, I hooked up with Chips and we made a zanku kind of vibe, I recorded my verses and left empty spaces for Zlatan’s verse. At that time, I had to travel to Abuja for him to record his part because he was there for a show and as usual, he was with his producer Rexxie.

As we were about to record, my boss called and suggested that we record a new vibe and while we were talking, Rexxie had already started making the beat. As we were trying to record, someone sent Zlatan the “Oga abeg dey ur dey” skit on IG, he showed it to us and that was how the song happened. In 15mins the beat was made and in less than an hour, the song was done.

Lit Vybez
Lit Vybez

When are we expecting a video?

That’s what we are trying to do now but with the Circumstances surrounding Zlatan at the moment, there has been a little delay. Thank God he has been released though, so I’m waiting for things to cool off before we proceed.

If you are to advise stakeholders in the Nigerian music industry, What will you tell them?

We should put quality music over trends or popularity because on radio and on TV today, they keep rotating the same songs and it is like that because these guys are popular. That is very limiting and it’s a big problem. It makes it really hard for upcoming artistes, even with good songs to get played and that is why when your song manages to get to that scene of constant rotation, that is it for you. You get a big break and I think it is a problem.

Who is Litvybez in 5 words?

  • Smart
  • Annoying
  • Patient
  • Moody
  • Very emotional

‘Dey Ur dey’ got a very good reception, how does that make you feel?

It made me very happy but it is still surreal. It hasn’t done anything yet though, so hopefully, when the video comes out it’ll do better. I expect it to get bigger but then I’m shocked still because it is getting a lot of plays and all. I just want the video to be out first and see how it performs.

Lit Vybez
Lit Vybez

5 artistes, you would like to feature in Nigeria?

  • Fireboy DML
  • Burna Boy
  • Teni
  • Niniola
  • Sarz on the beat

What is the plan for the rest of 2019?

I intend to drop videos. I already have like 2 videos off the EP out, ‘Make It’ and ‘Thankful’. Hopefully, ‘Dey ur Dey’ will be the next video out because that’s the one buzzing right now. So, more videos, more show, hopefully, more singles. I still have a lot of songs and basically, you’ll be seeing more of me everywhere.

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