List Of Things To Do At Home During The 14 Days Lock down As A Result Of The Coronavirus

As a result of the coronavirus breakout so many countries have found it imperative to lock down on all day to day activities in order to control the spread of the virus. Self Isolation and quarantine is the best way to avoid contacting the virus, as a result of not been exposed to suspected individuals.

During the lockdown, everyone seems rather frustrated ore depressed as they’re not engaged in their normal daily routines. So below are a list of things you could do to that would keep your mind off things;

1. Spend time with family and get to know each other better

Most people due to their busy lives have not had the opportunity or time rather to pay attention to their family members and kids. This can be an opportunity for you to do that, cause there’s one thing that’s for certain ‘Tomorrow isn’t promised’. Make memories at home, talk more, know each other better and certainly that would take your mind off things.

2. Invest in self realization and development

Invest your time into developing skills and talent that you just got to realize. Map out plans on how to develop these skills. Look out for things you love doing and find a work it through from home. I mean there’s always a way to these things.

3. Talk to Friends

Make out time to talk to friends on things you’ve missed out on while working your regular 9 – 5 jobs or per times jobs. Have fun making video calls, gisting and building relationships with people.

4. Netflix and Chill

Watch movies. There are always tons of movies to watch, old or new. Movies never run outta style, they’re always their to keep you company. Follow up on any Netflix series that would keep your mind and time occupied.

5. Download entertaining apps (TikTok, Thriller etc)

Engage in entertaining apps like tiktok and thriller. There you can create funny videos and entertaining ones, you’re also eligible to view other people’s videos.

6. Rest

Rest is the ultimatum to everything. You need as much rest as you could ever think of mentally, emotionally and also physically.

7. Sanitize and Practice Social distancing

This is the most important of them all. Make sure to sanitize at any even point of being exposed to an environment or to people and practice social distancing even at home.

Hope this was helpful to anyone out there looking for what to do to keep their mind of the negativity out there during this lock down. Send out your thoughts below in the comment section on more things one could do to be occupied at home during the lock down.

Always remember to stay safe y’all.


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