Lady allegedly runs mad after sleeping with man in Sapele hotel (Photos)

A yet to be identified man, secretly put a lady into his Lexus jeep and was about to drop her outside the hotel after they just had sex, when she immediately alighted from his car and started acting weird.

According to Sapele Oghenek, the management of the hotel denied public access to the man involved as the mob was ready to descend on the said man.

Here’s what Sapele Oghenek wrote on Facebook (80% Pidgin);

Before I say anything this morning,make I let unu know say I kneel down for Olympia this early morning to pray for Sapele).

One unknown man yesterday wey lodge for Convenant Suit Hotel,for Sapele Warri/Sapele Road, secretly package this naked woman for motor,wan go drop outside the Hotel,when the woman jumped out from the Lexus Jeep and begin display.

When Okada riders invade the gate of the Hotel,mainwhile the owner of the Hotel wife Mrs Semekolo dey d ground,as a good woman and a Church worker for Winners Chapel,wey we know say nor go lie. Did her best to cover the naked woman but she dey too violent.

See make we tell ourselves the truth.
Enough of all this rubbish for Sapele.
Sapele na our home. We nor get another home again. If kassala burst for anywhere,we nor get another place to run to.
If we refused to correct all this rubbish for Sapele,we go use our silence wish Sapele bad,wey go affect our children futures for Sapele.

This woman run mad publicly but thank God say,she fit remember the room number. She say na Room 101 she enter and her clothes dey the room.
As at the time of filling this report,the management of the Hotel refuse to open the Hotel for the lady to go into and also deny public access to know the man.

As a matter of fact,the management of the Hotel nor get hand for this issue,but make dem handover the man to security for questioning otherwise,make the family of this Girl wey we nor know her name,approach Law to seek for Justice.

Enough of all this Ritualistic actions and as long as God nor dey sleep,breeze go dey blow evil dey open.
To all unu wey dey use people destiny make money,one day unu Yanch go open and unu go be lessons to the younger generation wey dey run after wealth and shun education.

One Girl die miss for Ethiope Primary School Okirighwre yesterday,as suspects run leave d girl and deir motor.
More details tomorrow morning.

See more photos below:

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