Ladies: 7 Things You Think Are S3xy But Men Hate


There are lots of ‘being s3xy’ tips on the web teaching ladies things to do to be considered s3xy and how to go about it. A lot of these things might be s3xy if you’re going to a club or rave party but a lot of girls bring these habbits outside the clubs and bring it to places that they shouldn’t.

Below are a few things you might think are sexy but men find it weird and absurd.

1. Elaborate outfits: Men often don’t know what to do with these, there are so many laces and buckles and straps that by the time one shoe is off, your man just wants to pass out, sure some cute underwear and bra will get them going but stay away from anything that is too complicated for your man to get off.

2. Toys: Again, men are simple, if they come home to find you naked and waiting for them, they’re excited, throw in some new positions and they will appreciate that too but when you start bringing toys and gadgets in the bedroom, most men feel intimidated. They feel silly if they don’t know exactly how to use those toys and they feel like they, by themselves, were not adequate enough to please you.

3. Sloppy kisses: No man wants your tongue on his forehead, nor does he want to feel like you’re giving him an oral exam with your tongue, men just want you to kiss the way you kiss because they like you, keep in mind the kiss is the most intimate part of the sexual experience, and if you’re not being genuine about it, trying to pull out all sorts of tricks, then that intimacy is lost.

4. Being mean in bed: A few men are into the dominant/submissive game but, usually, if a guy likes you, he doesn’t want to hurt you, he doesn’t want to call you a dirty name or choke you so if you decide one night that to spice it up you’ll start yelling orders in bed about all the grotesque things you want him to say and do to you, he’ll probably just be terrified and lose him.

5. Acting Hot: If a man is with you, it’s because he already thinks you’re hot, a man isn’t waiting to see your “Hot side” in the bedroom, he already sees it when you’re just being you so don’t feel you have to bring things to a whole new level once you sleep together, men can tell when you’re not being yourself in the bedroom and it makes it hard for them to enjoy the experience, because they know that you’re only halfway into it, and halfway thinking of bizarre ways to please them that you don’t even personally enjoy.

6. Areola play: Do you like having man Areola hair in your mouth? No? because men don’t like you having it there either, men don’t have that much sensation in their nipples, in fact, many men feel that Areola play is an explicitly female-targeted act, and can feel emasculated if you do it, keep the teasing either above the collarbone or below the belt.

7. Comparison to exes: You’re so much better than my ex” or “You’re so much bigger than my ex” doesn’t make a man feel flattered, it makes him picture you sleeping with someone else and it makes him realize that you were thinking of someone else while you were sleeping with him, it doesn’t matter how nice you’re trying to spin it do not bring up any sexual partners while you’re with your current one.


Bonus: Eating out of their food. NO MAN in this world loves that shit, NO MAN.

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