Ladies: 3 Reasons Why Your Ex’s Will Always Come Back


Sometimes when we break up with someone we think someone else will give us something we couldn’t find from our ex, only to find out that we actually miss our old relationship. Of course there’s always the possibility that two people truly love each other and after breaking up and dating other people, they realize how much they miss each other.

1. IT’S MORE CONVENIENT FOR HIM: It is obvious that after a time of the relationship, you already know his flaws and manias almost to perfection. Men, when in a relationship, lose the ability to conquer a girl and gives them a kind of “insecurity” to start from scratch. You are the woman who already knows him in every sense, next to you, he no longer needed to hide his defects or bad habits, that comfort that he felt with you makes him hesitate to leave you completely, but that is not loving.

2. YOU’RE EASY: He misses being able to organise his times by including you in them, sometimes he feels bored and alone, the new feeling of ‘single man’ scares him, and when people feel afraid they turn to whoever offers security and who is better than you?. A man’s routine changes completely when he is alone, he is confused and disoriented in his new reality, that is why he thinks about the possibility of returning to you, it seems very difficult to continue without you.

3. OR MAYBE HE’S JUST CONFUSED: The two previous points cause him to enter into a sea of ideas that confuse him completely, he is constantly evaluating the best for him, but in your last attempt to resume the relationship, be sure that he will walk away because he does not really know what he wants. Regardless of who made the decision to separate, do not look for him, when men really want something, they never let it go. If he has already let you go, if he comes back to you it is by simple custom or comfort.

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