LXE: The Glorious Journey From Behind The Scenes To Center Stage


Nigerian producer and Afro-Pop musician LXE turns out not to only be a music lover but also soaked in the art of graphics designing, interior decoration and furniture making.

The multi-talented producer possesses a quiet but fun personality, he says people get to see the quiet side to him but only a few have experienced the fun side. Although LXE maintains a close relationship with the Naija Ninja family, he corrects the notion that, he isn’t signed to Naija Ninja but just an affiliate and a producer to some of the signed artists.

Furthermore, he gives us an insight into his musical career and is currently working on his EP which he promises will be worth all of our attention.


Why LXE, what does it mean?

LXE is actually an abbreviation of my full name which is, Larrison Smith Elueze. It is easier to remember and explain instead of using the complete name which would be too long or some stage name that people might forget or would want to ask of again the next time they meet me.

You started originally as a producer, what made you / when did you decide to become an artist?

I started as a producer but found it difficult at first to sell out what I could do, most times I produce for artists but they do not deliver to the beat as much as I could do.

So why I became an artist? I produce for people and after the fame, there’s nothing more and there is this quote “if you are a producer, you are always a producer” and I don’t like to be backstage. I am the kind of guy that likes to be in front of the cameras, I like to meet people, sell out my brand and get new ideas.

You are a producer, an artist, a graphic designer, and an interior decorator. How do you manage with all this?

I’ll call it grace, the grace of God helps. Besides, music is my first love, I have always been in love with music. I picked graphics designing and interior decoration on the way and I’m also involved in the furniture business which I learnt from my father, he used to make furniture. Music is what I have always loved and I enjoy music production, so I try to do what I can at the time. I like all but love doing music more.

When did you start music professionally?

Well, I’ll say two years ago when I dropped my first official single SOCHIMA, produced by me. I think that would be when I started music professionally.

Tell us a bit about your lifestyle

Well, I am a very boring guy, I don’t talk much and I try to go straight to the point when I do. I’m guessing people do not like guys like that, so my lifestyle is something I am really trying to change right now. But there is also a funny part to me that people do not know about.

For how long have you been with the Naija Ninja for?

I’m actually not signed to Naija Ninja, people tend to get that wrong. I’m just an affiliate, a producer to Sound Sultan and some artist under Naija Ninja, not all. I produced Sound Sultan’s Orobo and I’ve been working with him for about five or six years now. We are family though, I’m currently working on his EP, so you guys should just keep your heads down and wait.

If you had to pick between being a producer or an artist, which would it be?

I’d like to keep both oh! #laugh. But if I had to pick, I’d pick producing because that is where I can express myself most. That’s where I can show my skills and help a lot of people with their creations.

Tell us about your song “to the left”, how you felt about it being mistaken for belonging to Mr Eazi and the idea behind the song.

It was painful at first, getting calls from people saying they liked the song I produced for Mr Eazi, trying to find the source responsible for the wrong information, finding that impossible and finally letting it go. Eventually, it all worked out right, people got to know that the song belonged to me and they were amazed I could be that talented.

The idea behind the song, it is a love song but we are used to singing positively about the ladies, no one has made the ladies understand that they mess up at times, so if they give you pain, I advise make you play to the left with them.

What would you say was your big break?

I think my big break was when I produced Orobo for Sound Sultan, that caused me to gain exposure, to meet people and that was when I came into Lagos to start music professionally.

You have a song with Sound Sultan, are there other artists you’d love to collaborate with?

Yeah, I did a song with Sound Sultan 2 years ago, Sultan is the boss, he has been good to me and he is a friend. The song is titled Hustle and it was massive. I think I’ll want to work with people very close to my sound, people that understand Afrobeat, people who do what I do and they would be Wizkid, Simi, and Falz. Simi is a very good singer with the way she controls her voice, amazing and she is also a producer, so it’ll be easy working with her.

What would you say has been your biggest challenge so far?

My biggest challenge was moving to Lagos. I came in from Port Harcourt with the night bus, I came because I had to see Sound Sultan but had to wait for a week to see him, and it wasn’t easy. And if not for him, sustaining in Lagos would have been crazy. So settling in Lagos has been my biggest challenge.

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