Krispy Kreme Thinks ALL Nigerians Are Pieces Of Sh*ts

As most of us know, NAFDAC recently shut down Krispy Kreme Doughnuts for using expired raw materials to make their doughnuts and fillings. Apart from being a hub of diabetes with their products being basically sugar mixed with a little flour and loads of colouring, Nigerians feel really disrespected about Krispy Kreme.

No Krispy Kremeabroad has ever been caught violating any code of conducts related to their food. The abide by every bylaw given to them and their products are very consistent in all their shops. After Semi dominating the European and American market they decided to set sail to the Black Continent and they opened two stores in Lagos Nigeria and someone in their team thought, ‘Nigerians don’t really know quality doughnut like that. Let’s use the leftover raw material from abroad and mix and sell it to these retards. Just add a fucxload of sugar and colouring and make noise about Krispy Kreme being from the US and these monkeys would happily eat our delicious Diabetes and even do free adverts for us by posting it on their social media’.

While most people would speculate that Krispy Kreme used expired products because of greed and the fact that they want to make quick cash, I strongly believe they did it because they have zero respect for Nigerians and their lives. Expired products can literally kill you and if peradventure you don’t die it will mess with your system and destroy your bowels. Again, all the Krispy Kreme’s abroad have NEVER been caught violating and food rule but less than a year in Nigeria and they are being temporarily shut down.

Personally, I’m cancelling Krispy Kreme but I know my peers would still go there not because they want a bun of their coloured diabetes, they’d go there just to get a nice picture for the gram with Krispy Kreme as their location knowing fully well it would add to their likes and cool points. Krispy Kreme knows people are this shallow and for this reason, they’d easily bounce back… even after they used their action to call you a piece of shit.

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