Korra Obidi: The Evolution of a Complete Artist

Pretty, fun and confident are just the words to describe Korra Obidi; the lady of complete art. With all the grace one can think of, Korra in an interview talked about life, her art and achievements.

Though she’s young, Korra has a long list of achievements that will make the most seasoned veteran jealous – from speaking five languages to being a professional dancer, a dance instructor, an artist, etc.

She said in her interview, “growing up wasn’t fun as I had a number of tutors and was not allowed to ever go out, I could only watch other children play from the windows”. Hearing that, one would expect her to turn out as an introvert or imagine her nowhere close to being in the entertainment industry, but that isn’t the case with Korra because even her childhood couldn’t stop her passion from showing.

Although she didn’t particularly say she was taken, she however said…

“I’m not available if you guys are thirsty, like why do you want to know. Thirsty ass n*ggas.” #laughs

How did your love for the art grow?

I was born like that, I couldn’t help it. I would be shouted at, slapped to stop dancing, like “stop dancing. Sit down”. But I wouldn’t. I just couldn’t.

Let’s talk about your childhood, did you grow up in Nigeria?

Yes, I did, it was horrible because I couldn’t go out. I was never allowed to. I couldn’t play with anyone. I remember sniffing dust, looking downstairs at the other kids playing but I couldn’t join them.

Did that affect you in any way?

Yeah, I became super introverted, I had a lot of tutors but was never allowed to go out. It was really hard.

How many languages do you speak?

I speak five languages. French, Chinese, English, Igbo and Yoruba.

If you had to choose one out of your art what would it be? And why?

I don’t ever want to be put in the position to choose but if I had to, it would be dance. I’ve trained most in dance, I have invested a lot in dance. My initial passion was dance, that’s what birthed every other thing. So no matter how much time and money has been put in the craft, if I had to choose, I’ll choose the one I’ve invested the most in and it would be dance.

What do you think of dance in the Nigerian space, what do you think of the longevity?

Dance has come such a long way, I can remember in 2007 dancing for Sasha and getting paid 7500 Naira. Now dancers get paid well. So dance is improving so much. In fact, it has so much improved that a dancer like me can take a song and turn it into a hit. Dance has really come a long way.

Have you had any serious criticism about your skin?

Oh my God!!! You cannot understand the number of people that insult me on my page every day.

Let’s talk about your style…

I think it is Boohoo chick with a little bit of sass. I love my body and skin so I just put on whatever I like. I am not crazy about the brands but I invest in good statement pieces. So cheap but with expensive statement pieces.

So music, are you going into command rap?

My style is evolving so I’m taking my time. I started music in 2015 so I have time to think of what I want to settle on. So just enjoy the music, I’m still finding my place

Who do you see and appreciate musically, internationally and locally?

Beyoncé is god, Rihanna I respect a little, Shakira is like my goddess. In Nigeria, I think it’s just Tiwa for me. For male, I think Vector is baba, I used to like Wizkid but I think he’s now chilling. We won’t our “holla at your boy” Wizkid.

Are you married?

ZIP…. #LAUGHS. Moving on. Let’s just say I’m not available if you guys are thirsty. There was this one time someone slid into my dm to ask “are you married?” like a thousand times. Like, why you all want to know. Thirsty ass n*ggas… #laughs.

What would you say is your best achievement yet?

I think it will have to be when I performed for the sultanate in Muscat, Oman. I was the only black performer and they picked my sound “man like you” which was my debut single. The other one would be when I performed in Dubai. That was like “OMG mama I made it”. For dance, it’d be when I was nominated for best dancer in Africa. That was super really cool, I was like “are you sure? Africans can really dance”. #laughs. Musically, I’m still on my base so we are still waiting for that one track that will make me blow. It will come…

What are you hoping to top these achievements with?

More of what I do, like more of what people like. This is me, Korra of yesterday is really still like Korra from twelve years ago. When I do something and people like it, I just put it in my next video and make it better. That’s what I do.

For the rest of 2018, what should we expect?

Like I really just let the tide decide so I don’t know, but what I have on ground now is I’m working on “park well” video. That song is going viral and I’m so happy. After that, I’m looking to drop my first and only album, like small small oh. So I don’t crash #laughs.

Do you believe that as a dancer you have more edge to being a great musician?

Yes, I do. I have no hit songs but I could sell out videos because they know Kora will kill it, and if I’m not killing it, all I have to do is turn my yansh and shake it. #laughs. “Dance is a cheat Y’all”.



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