How KiDi ft Mayorkun and Davido’s “Odo Remix” Video Gave Us Blue Balls

Safe to say we're a bit disappointed

When the lanky but angel-voiced Ghanaian new kid on the block dropped his hit track ‘Odo’, it got the ears of genius Nigerian pop star Davido and his endorser Mayourkun and they bounced on it and the track was fire. Subsequent to being pressured to drop a video they at long last did and critics are labelling it the “Blue Balls” video.

So why blue balls? Blue balls happen when a guy and a girl are having an intense makeout session and he thinks it would end with s3x, but it ends with no s3x and his scrotum is already filled with sperm thinking the ejaculation would happen. That’s basically all there is to blue balls, expecting to orgasm and not getting the orgasm.

The original video of Odo was far better, it had a storyline of a young guy trying to woo a woman, they were in a garden and the ambience was nice. Fast forward to the remix, the setting is the backyard of a beach with three girls giving us a bland dance number. Davido and Mayourkun enter and drop their lines and that’s the end. To be honest it would have been better if they had just left it at the audio and not give us blue balls with that bland video.

Watch the video below and tell us what you think

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