Kendrick Lamar Lists His Top 5 Hip Hop Artistes (Dead or Alive)

Kendrick Lamar has cemented his name as one of Hip Hop’s greats and his legendary status only gets greater with each new album dropped. The Compton prodigy recently listed the Hip Hop artistes that influenced his own style and inspired him during an interview on Power 106 LA’s The Cruz Show.

When asked by J Cruz if he had a Top 5, Lamar gave a thorough answer.

“Yeah, I got a Top 5…I gotta write…this in any order, too. Give me [JAY-Z]. Give me Em. Give me Pac. Give me B.I.G. and give me Snoop,” said Lamar, while actually writing it down so as not to lose his thoughts.

He continued with, “These are the cats that inspire me like the most in music, the most for sure. And if you break down how I approach lyrics, you can hear the influence of each and every one of these dudes.”

Lamar seemed to have some reservations about leaving Nas out of his Top 5, adding how hard it is to come up with a legit list the covers every angle.

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