Kanye West Is Officially A Billionaire – Forbes

Forbes announced Friday that the famous American rapper Kanye West is now worth $1.3 billion. He joined the prestigious list of billionaires in the economic magazine thanks to his shoe brand developed with Adidas.

Chicago’s “Yeezy” sneakers are among the most popular in the world of fashion and streetwear, often selling a pair for over $200.

According to Forbes, his brand’s starlet husband Kim Kardashian’s income is slightly more than $1 billion. Hence, they explain their new financial status by themselves.

After collaborating without success with Nike for several years, Kanye West left the brand in comma in 2013 to team up with the German equipment supplier and launch their first collaborative shoe in 2015.

“Yeezy” is one of the multiple nicknames of the rapper, which in recent years has made headlines for his psychiatric problems, his controversial slavery remarks, and his support for Republican President Donald Trump, who is very unpopular in the business. Rap.- Rap. This did not stop Mr. West from continuing to make music, an area where critics continue to praise his talent.

Forbes explains in an article posted on Friday that the rapper and producer have claimed multimillionaire status for years and that he has been angry with the magazine on numerous occasions, the latter refusing to include it in his famous classification, lacking sufficient evidence.

Not without humor, Forbes explains that he applied the “Trump rule” in force for years in the magazine to his case: divide by three the wealth claimed by their interlocutor to start to see a little more clearly.

The rest of his money comes mainly from his properties, explains Forbes, who notes that the rapper is very spendthrift (he notably owns a tank) and does not seem to have made as much money with music as one could imagine of a planetary star who multiplies platinum discs.

Kanye West, 42, becomes the second American rapper to join this ranking after his friend and mentor Jay-Z, who became a billionaire last year. The latter made his fortune thanks to his investments rather than fashion.

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