Kanye & Kim Divorce Rumors: “Kim Feels Unsafe”

Kim and Kanye WestA couple of months ago, there were reports by Elle Magazine that Kanye West and Kim Kardashian were headed for a divorce. The claims turned out to be false and Elle Mag got the stick by many fans and stans of KimYe alike.

Now, a new rumour is surfacing and this time, it’s from Radar Online.

Radar Online reported a source’s testimony today.

“Kanye continues to throw Kim and her family into the fire and she is constantly getting threats and harassment. It is just past the point of getting old and Kim is so fed up with all of this” the source said.

“The more crap Kanye talks, the more and more Kim feels unsafe,” referring to the rapper’s recent social media feuds.

Fans of the couple shouldn’t worry, however. People claiming to be “close to the family” have come forward with similar misinformation many times before. Last September, In Touch Weekly published the following.

“Kim has threatened Kanye with a divorce battle bigger than Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie if he doesn’t get this life in order. She wants to show Kanye that he doesn’t hold all the power and that, if she wanted out of the marriage tomorrow, she could and would go, and that she has an exit strategy firmly in place.”

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