Juliet Ibrahim: Touching Lives On and Off the Screen

This interview was conducted and written by Emmanuel Oscar Ugoh

Juliet Ibrahim is a multinational brand, in all aspects of the description. The talented entertainer has opened her life to fans from across the world; 4.8 million of whom, currently follow her on Instagram.

With stints in music, movies, fashion and more, Juliet has written her name on many hearts and etched her image into a bevvy of minds. You’re probably here now because you recognized Juliet Ibrahim and are eager to know what she said when Emmanuel Oscar Ugoh asked her questions on behalf of Vibe.ng.

One thing you would recognize is the depth and intelligence with which Juliet’s answers were delivered. We hope you also fall in love with the exclusive images.

Juliet Ibrahim is very passionate. This has led to a conundrum on where she’s really from. How do you manage to maintain indigenous fan base across different nationalities?

I guess you could say I appeal to an audience of different nationalities probably because I have a multi-ethnic background and I also grew up in different countries (Lebanon, Liberia, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Nigeria).

I speak and write fluently in French and English. I have been able to experience various cultures hence my quick adaptability to any culture, language and food everywhere I go.
This is probably why I have both an indigenous and international fan base.

Your foundation has been focused on kidney care and has provided aide for many patients in critical conditions. How many years has this gone on for?

Juliet Ibrahim Foundation (JIF) was launched in December 2011. My love and compassion for people as well as when my aunt took ill with Lupus which led to kidney failure; made me to set up the NGO and to start an awareness campaign about cancer of the kidney and other kidney-related diseases.

The Juliet Ibrahim Foundation is aimed at helping Ghanaians, Nigerians and other West African citizens to know their status and prevent kidney diseases from getting to the incurable stage. Juliet Ibrahim Foundation is poised to help save lives and put smiles on the faces of the less fortunate suffering from kidney cancer and other kidney-related illnesses but cannot afford the medical expenses.

Juliet Ibrahim Foundation is also a strong advocate for the fight against Ebola, a cause I am also passionate about. Juliet Ibrahim Foundation has also impacted lives in other ways in society through fundraising and adding its voice to raise awareness about various health hazards such as the Makurdi flood.

You’ve dabbled into music, movies and built an incredible career as an event compere. What do you think you do best and what’s your favourite?

I love all of them equally, and I am good at all of them. I am an entertainer and my job is to entertain my audience to the best of my ability that’ll keep them wanting more.
But if I were to choose my favourite, I would probably have to choose my career in the film industry, and I would say it goes beyond just being an actress.

I remember years ago, when I found myself on set when I first started acting, and I was trying to tell the director I was working with, how to shoot a particular scene. So, that’s how I knew that my passion transcended just being an actress. I knew that I was very creative and that I might as well put it into work behind the camera as well as in front of it.

After so many years, I still derive joy in acting and being behind the camera. As an actor, you bring out a side of you that people don’t get to see, and then you use your talent to be able to make someone at home to be touched by whatever that character is going through.

As a director, you are the one who is going to put that story of that character into character. Without you the director, the actor cannot give what you want the audience to feel.

As a producer, without you going out there to look for funds to produce a movie, there’s not going to be a movie. So, everything works together.

I’m grateful to still be able to do what I love till today.

What’s #AToastToLife?

#AToastToLife is a memoir of my life. It is a deeply personal narrative of my triumph over adversity faced at different stages in my life, and my journey to true self-love. Most people have only been able to see what the media has allowed them to see with rumours and fabricated stories.

I believe after 10 years in my career, I owe it to my followers to let them into my world. I chose to open up like never before and share these experiences to let people know the real me so they can be able to relate with me on a more personal level.

What do people not know about you, but want them to know?

Everything people do not know about me can be found in my book #AToastToLife and trust me, I’m an interesting and entertaining personality.

How do you think social media has helped victims of domestic violence?

I think social media has played an immense role because through this platform, a voice has been given to people that would normally probably be voiceless. It has empowered survivors to speak their truth confidently, and impact the lives of so many around the world.

As a world with a common destiny, what do you think our responsibility is?

Living in peace and harmony with our fellow human beings is our common responsibility.

What do you want Africa to expect from you within the next 6 months?

Within six months I want my book to be used to inspire so many lives and my stories to make an impact in Africa. I want people to read #AToastToLife and appreciate their lives and count their blessings then use my experiences and spirit of survival to turn their situations into that of an overcomer.

What’s currently number 1 on your playlist?

Currently, I’m enjoying “How do you sleep” by Sam Smith.

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