Jinmi Abdul’s “Blessed” Video Is A Work Of Art

I’m a sucker for alternative R&B Love songs… or maybe the dark brew coffee I’m currently sipping is making me ecstatic but I strongly think Jinmi Abduls ‘Blessed’ Music Video is a work of art. Apparently, you don’t need millions to shoot a dope video that would pass the message.

The song tells us the tale of a young Nigerian boy using poetic lines to profess his love to his newly found babe and the video shows him taking her on unusual dates that are actually quite romantic. His kind of music isn’t for everyone and only those with a refined taste in music would appreciate his kind of sound. Maybe it’s because i’m a sucker for art but my best part of the video is when he was singing in front of numerous art paintings and sculptures.

Watch the video below and tell us what you think.

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