Jay-Z Hires Lawyer To Stop 21 Savage’s Deportation

Hip-hop mogul, Jay-Z has reacted to 21 Savage’s arrest by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

Atlanta-based rapper 21 Savage, a British citizen, is being held by US officials due to an expired visa. His real name is Shayaa Bin Abraham-Joseph and he moved to America as a child. A statement on Jay-Z’s Facebook page says Savage “deserves to be reunited with his family immediately”.

21 Savage
The gist is that 21 Savage actually had a U Visa permit pending for 4 years before he reapplied for one in 2017, which as we reported may have led to a background check that discovered his visa was expired and triggered his arrest.

21 Savage was arrested over the weekend in the United State of America for coming into the country illegally and is set for deportation. Abraham Joseph also known as 21 Savage apparently entered the U.S. legally in 2005 but his visa expired and he reportedly is here illegally according to reports.

According to TMZ, his lawyer, Dina LaPolt says they are working round the clock to get him out of detention.

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