Izzy Odigie: Spreading African Dance To The World One Step At A Time

Izzy Odie Vibe.ng
Popular Afro-fusion dancer and choreographer Iziegbe ‘Izzy‘ Odigie had a sit down with Vibe.ng and opened up on her struggles of being a dancer and gave us a sneak peek into the life of an average dancer who plans to conquer the world.

When asked to describe herself, ‘Focused, Determined, Loyal, Fun and Energetic’ were some of the words she used. She spoke about how she’s been dancing her whole life and how Hip-hop was the first dance she fell in love with. From Hip-hop to ballet, and then she found and fell in love with Afrobeats in college and that was the dance that stuck and defined her the most.

When asked to classify her dance genre she mentioned she’s well versed in all kinds of dances but she chooses to specialize in Afrobeats mentioning she fuses almost all kinds of African dances with western dances like hip hop and ballet. She didn’t forget to mention her passion for African dance and how she positively pimps it in the US.

For upcoming dancers, she advised them to create their own independence as that’s the best way for them to make it in the industry. She gave credit to social media as a whole for making her go viral mentioning that it gives her more liberty as there are no rules online.

On her biggest challenge as a professional dancer, she mentioned that artistes underpay dancers because they don’t rate them enough and she mentioned her displeasure mentioning that it needs to change. She also jokingly mentioned that her best dance moves are from South Africa.

Her most memorable gig was choreographing Olamide’s entire performance at the [OLIC NYC 2018] Olamide Live In Concert in Newyork because dancers were given the liberty to have creative control. She didn’t forget to mention her worst experience which involved someone tried to underpay her and her dancer with the guise of ‘Do it and gain exposure’.

When asked what we should be expecting from her in 2019 she mentioned she’d globe trot and spread the gospel of Afrobeats to every nook and cranny. She jokingly mentioned that her goal isn’t to conquer Nigeria but to create structure in the USA as Nigeria already has structure and is doing very fine when it comes to dancing.



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