3 Freaky Places To Try Having S3x In 2019

s3x in 2019
s3x in 2019

It is a new year a lot of people keep going on and on about their new year resolutions and a lot of people are trying not though talk about s3x because it’s too early, blah blah blah but that is one of the most thought about topics.

However, I’ll talk about it and I will be telling you about three places you should definitely have s3x in this year to spice up your s3x life.

The Family House

This might sound like “what!!!!” but that is the idea, FREAky remember? Think about it for a minute, your parents expect you to be all innocent and stuff but deep down you know you are not, then unleashing all that dark side under their roof? crazy. That is something you should try, the freakiness of it alone takes s3x to a whole different level. You are all excited and being careful so you don’t get caught at the same time.

Crazy yeah? You’ll thank me later because you’ll enjoy every second of it.

s3x in 2019
s3x in 2019

Work Space

Imagine being caught having s3x in the office, whether it’s a quicky in the back room, on the desk or under the table. You might lose your job if caught or might be applauded but the excitement is in that fear of being caught.

Having sex in your office, secretly, trying not to be loud or too long so you’re not caught is totally adventurous. Everyone should try it sometime.

Outdoor Pool

This might seem really annoying for those that might be unfortunate to see you in the act, but it will be exciting for you. Going all out, completely freaking and having s3x in the open with caring if anyone is watching. I don’t think there can be anything more daring.

Firstly, having s3x in the pool is already so much fun, with the water helping with the thrusts and making the whole act enjoyable. Then having s3x in an outdoor pool with possible passerby(S), especially during the day. That is freaky and even I need to try it.

I will though, you should too.

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