Islanders: Here Are 3 Low Budget Places To Chill At

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I know a number of Islanders go all the way to the mainland to chill on a weekend. Why? It costs too much on the Island. Some don’t even bother. Staying home is cheaper anyway. Well this article is for you guys.  Here are a number of places to chill  without having to spend so much.

 takway bay

Tarkwa Bay 

If you love beaches, this is for you. Tarkwa Bay is an Island, hence it is only accessible through water. With N6,000, you can have all the fun you want. Boarding a boat from the jetty to take you to the bay would cost about N2000 at most. Upon arriving at the beach, you will spend about 1,500 on renting a tent, chair and table. You can easily carry with you snacks, drinks, and some beach balls or whatever game you may want to engage in for fun. If swimming is your forte, you can wear your trunks underneath your outfit. Tarkwa bay is one of the safest beaches in Nigeria. You can learn to surf as well on the beach.

 lekki conservation centre

Lekki Conservation Centre

Located in Lekki, the park is a fun place to visit without having to pay much. The features of the park include a 401-metre long canopy walk, family huts, ball courts, a tree house, floor games, a family park and many others. Its an awesome place for a picnic with friends or family. The entrance fee is N1000 per head and N200-N300 for children.

lekki leisure lake

Lekki Leisure Lake

This lakeside resort is located in the Lekki Peninsula area. There are tonnes of leisure activities to engage in. The entrance fee is N1000 for adults and N500 for children. There are additional costs for certain activities. Some of them include Pedal Boats, Quad Bike, Wave Boat, Jet Ski, Pontoon Boat, and floats. The prices of these cruises ranges from N500 to N5000.

There are a tonne of other places to visit in Lagos, especially on the Island. Cafes, bars, resorts, restaurants, pool, and so many more. These three places are worth the pay, and there are a lot of things to do there. I assure you that you would forget the word boredom when you try visiting any of these places.


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