Instagram, We Want More Than A Mute Feature

mute feature

O yea Instagram regulars, your favorite app has introduced a new feature. Now there’s a mute option which allows you to stop receiving notifications from certain users. While you may not receive post notifications from them, you can still see their posts if you go to their pages and as well get direct messages from them. You would also still get notifications if they tag you in a post. The good thing is you don’t have to unfollow them to stop seeing their posts on your timeline. Guess what, you can also mute their stories.

My headache is that it doesn’t let your annoying followers stop seeing your posts. You have to block them still. I mean, the major reason for blocking people is to stop getting those annoying DMs innit? Although you get to stop seeing those really infuriating pictures or videos of your ex their not so cute new bae.

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Can Instagram seriously introduce a feature that allows you to choose the kind of DMs you want to receive? Or something that allows you to prevent certain people from monitoring your profile without having to go private? An updated block option that wouldn’t let those you block know they’ve been back stabbed would be nice too. Till then, enjoy muting your haters.

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