Is Rudeboy’s “Together” ft. Patoranking His Best Songs After His PSquare Split?

Maybe it’s the Balck Coffee I just gulped down but, without the slightest of doubt, I feel RudeBoys ‘Together’ is unarguably his BEST song since his split with his twin brother.

How? Well, after the split he and his brother Mr. P have been dropping lukewarm songs(Yes, lukewarm songs) but because they’ve made a big name for themselves and they distract us with mint videos to accompany the songs, all of us ate the songs and felt they were good. Did we binge listen to the songs like we did their old joint songs? Nope. In 7 years time would we come back and listen to the songs and feel some sort of nostalgia for it? Hell No, but, this new song might be the first single of Rudeboy that might stand the test of time.

Firstly, even if you’re not a Nigerian or even African there’s no way you’re not going to feel the vibe of this song and jam it. It is beautifully written and the beats ‘enter well well’ and he made a superb choice in featuring Patoranking. Then there’s the video, it’s the purest form of eye candy and there’s a very high chance it would leave you feeling elated and happy with all the colours, skating and hip dance numbers.

I strongly believe Paul has outdone himself with this new timeless Jam he just served us. We’re not keeping scores but we feel this song qualifies as a silent K.O in the invisible feud the twin brothers have.

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