Is My Best friend’s Friend My Best Friend?

Best Friends
Best Friends

So, I have a best friend and my best friend has a best friend. Does that mean my best friend’s friend is my friend? Because I don’t get it.

I really need to understand this. I do not know how many people are as curious as I am but I’d like to know because if I have a best friend, he/she will be the one to hear all my dirty secrets, my sins, my life plans, my wishes and so on. They’ll practically know me inside-out. They are my best friend, right? So, I’m supposed to be completely transparent.

Now, where the issue is, is this… If my best friend also has a best friend, does that mean that their best friend knows everything there is to know about me?

I’m trying not to talk about the part that “I may not be their best friend”, they are just my best friend because that is a one-way street. Transparency on only one side but oh well…

If I am totally transparent with my best friend, it is only expected that my best friend is totally transparent with their best friend, right?

So does that means my dirty secrets are not a secret, my plans are not just between both of us, my sins are in the open and my wishes are a point of discussion? Correct me if I am wrong but I doubt that I am.

OMG!!! What a total mess. Check this, what if my best friend’s best friend has a best friend?

Shocker!!! Then all our lives are in the open. How insane is that?

So hypothetically, If I was whoring in secret, (secret meaning only my best friend knew) I technically wasn’t really whoring in secret. My business was all out there and I most likely would have been getting the “like I don’t know what you are up to” look without knowing all along.

Isn’t it a wonderful life we are living? How do we manage the people we trust or do not trust? Is it possible to be your best friend’s best friend? Is it possible to trust each other completely?

I am in a state of limbo trying to figure this out and I’m only hoping that I am my best friend’s best friend or at the very least, they don’t have a best friend.

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