Introducing Experimentation To Reinvigorate Your Relationships

Freelance Contribution by Sally

Over half of all Nigerians are married, yet that doesn’t necessarily mean every marriage is happy. According to a poll, only 31% of couples say they’re happy, showing that there’s a lot of room for improvement. What can couples do to bring new found happiness to a tired relationship?

A few key factors come together to make a relationship a happy one. A key one is intimacy. Understanding your life partner and looking to unlock each other’s preferences and desires is one important way to redevelop your sense of closeness and re-energise your relationship.

How intimacy helps your relationship

Just like focusing entirely on sex is a bad foundation for a relationship, ignoring it altogether is an equally poor choice. Looking at your intimacy is therefore quite important. Don’t think that the answer is just to have more – or less – sex. One study, reported by the Guardian Nigeria, noted how the happiest couples have sex weekly. Instead, look at the quality of your interactions. Be open to experimentation, and listen honestly – with an open mind – to what your partner values and would like to try. Be open to using toys and tools, and don’t take it as an affront to your own ‘ability’.

Understanding everything about intimacy

Another important thing to remember about intimacy is that it doesn’t necessarily equate to sexual activity. Intimacy is every aspect of being close with your partner; from something as simple as resting a hand on their leg when watching television, to holding hands in the street. In many long-term relationships, these simple acts fall by the wayside. Intimacy is very important, and a lack of it can lead to sexual problems, according to Punch. Look at your relationship – what simple acts did you use to take part in, that day-to-day life has forced out? Even a regular cuddle will only take moments out of your day and can help you to reconnect with a partner.

Tips for experimentation

If you live a busy lifestyle, schedule your intentions to experiment. This seems stodgy, but is important, and when you stick to an appointment it will psychologically enhance the importance of the event. As mentioned earlier, be open-minded, and get rid of any preconceptions you have regarding yourself and your partner. Finally, be patient. Don’t expect instant change, and be ready for lots of laughs as you succeed and fail with various ideas.

In a nutshell, experimentation will enhance your intimacy and make your relationship closer. Instant results are uncommon, and keeping an open mind is absolutely crucial. Do it properly, and you will re-energise your relationship and develop an even deeper bond with your significant other.

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