Igwe 2pac: I Am Hiding My Daughter From Social Media

Charles Okocha
Charles Okocha

Charles Okocha, also known as Igwe 2pac is a Nigerian actor/ rapper who most recently became very popular both in and outside Nigeria with his “I deserve some accolades” line.

Every and anyone can’t stop asking for accolades lately because they have supposedly paid their dues. In this interview session, Igwe 2pac with the help of his hype-man who seems to always be by his side, tell us why he deserves some accolades.

In all your videos, you keep saying, “I deserve some accolades”. Can you give us some reasons why you deserve some accolades?

First things first, I have been in the industry for decades. I started in 2001 and for someone who has been in the industry for that long, I sure do deserve some accolades. Check out 2001 to this point, a lot of people fell off the game but I’m still right on point, still doing what I know best. Give me some accolades, because I deserve some accolades. ’02, ‘03, ‘04, ‘05, ‘06,’ 07,’ 08, men lie, women lie, numbers don’t.

You used to be an actor, although you were into music before going into acting. Now you’re back to music. Can you tell us about this transition?

When I was young, a juvenile, I used to mime to all the legendary artists like Jay Z, because I was a big fan. I used to go for occasions, mime their music and got paid for it when I was little. I have always had a passion for music even before the movie thing came along. Acting took the better part, “omo you know say na Naija we dey”, so anywhere the money comes in, as long as you’re comfortable in it, You just have to feed with that first. But then, I would have just come out with the music thing even while acting, some actors in my field diversified by going into music but it didn’t really work out for them. So when you see your colleagues go into something you have the passion for and it doesn’t really work out for them, it tends to discourage you a little bit. It happened to me. I felt it wasn’t my time then. Now, I think it’s about time for me to unleash that part and that’s what I’m doing now in my prime, so you better respect that. Give me some accolades.

Is it just music for you now or will we be seeing you in more of movies?

I just finished a movie a little while ago which is “My kids and I”. Over time I will be doing other movie productions. Music is not stopping me from being in movies, come on mehn. These are things I have the passion for.  I have a passion for movies, I have a passion for music. So whatever comes, I go for it. It’s just that this is the time for the music and I’m taking the bull by the horn and just hitting it straight on. Movies take a while, like a couple of weeks, but for music, you can just get on stage, you perform, and that’s it. If I have time for the movie, why won’t I? I have a movie production that I’m starting soon. I am versatile, I’m everywhere, so hey, hey, give me some accolades.

Aside from acting and music, is there any other field that you want to conquer?

Yes sure, comedy. Comedy is just part of me. It’s something I just do. I don’t do it for a living, I’m comic myself. I could just do something when I’m with you that’s hilarious and you all will be laughing. But if you call me for comedy, nothing stops me. Anything you call me for, as long as I’m getting paid, it’s all good. But trust me, it has always been music, movies, in addition, comedy. Like I said, I’m versatile. I’m up for anything that brings money and anything I have the passion for. I’m also looking towards my own reality show sometime. A number of people have told me to get my reality show, so keep your fingers crossed.

Were you ever or are you married?

No, I’m not married. But I have a son which everyone knows. I also have a daughter but I’m keeping my daughter out of the social media. It’s something I don’t want to talk about.

What’s your take on DJ Khaled’s statement that he cannot go down on his wife because he’s a king?

That is DJ Khaled. I don’t agree. I think it should be mutual. But hey, come on, this head thing. Let’s move into something else. #laughs

How do you differentiate your professional life from your personal life?

Igwe Tupac is just business to me… It’s entirely different from my personal life.

How did your survival of gunshot change your worldview?

I would say it drastically changed my world view because ever since I had that gunshot, it’s been glory to glory. It has never been the same for me in my field and my lifestyle. There are somethings I used to do but had to take off after the gunshot, I saw life in a different perspective. It really changed my life.

If you were to change 3 things in the entertainment industry, what would they be?

First things first in the movie field, I would like to address the issue of producers and directors who go about sleeping with girls before giving them roles. It’s uncalled for, it’s not right. So I would like to take it up. That’s why I won’t even advice my own sister to go into the movie industry if it’s not my own movie because most of the directors or producers out there would want to sleep with you which doesn’t make sense to me.  Then I would address the issue of piracy. I know piracy to some people is encouraging but I don’t find it encouraging. The third thing would be to set up a platform for the upcoming ones who want to get into the industry. Like an academy where they can learn. It’s not just about having the passion for something, if you have a passion for something but can’t do it well, you can just learn at the academy.

So many people keep insinuating you may be nuts or bipolar, what do you have to say to them?

I have nothing to say to them. In as much as I play, laugh; I’m someone whose liberality shouldn’t be taken for stupidity. So if you come on social media to say all types of things to discourage me, the only thing I would do if I don’t like what your comments are, is to block you. I don’t have to give you that publicity that you want by exchanging words. Have you ever seen any blog come at me? It’s something I wouldn’t do. It doesn’t affect me as long as I know where I’m going. When I started the ‘amo shine’ thing, a lot of insults came in. They started mentioning names of people who got into music and didn’t make it. Things like that happened but I wasn’t deterred.  I just keep pushing, I keep grinding, I keep riding, to this point. The hate keeps coming but I must say, the love has overcome the hate.  What I keep telling people, keep pushing and don’t mind what people say. The hate would keep coming. Just keep doing what you are doing as long as you are progressing.


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