If these 5 habits feel familiar, you are messing with premature ageing!

In this era that we live in, both men and women tend to age faster than they are meant to. Although it’s quite unavoidable seeing that it’s a natural human process to grow old, some people quicken the ageing process looking 50 whilst still 36. It’s not only important to work on trying not to look old but also taking a conscious effort on trying not to feel old.

We are going to focus on the obvious pointers such as stress, unhealthy diet and the not so obvious pointers. If you want to remain as youthful and energetic as possible, see this 5 pointers.


1. Sleep Schedule 

If you work and live in Lagos, sleeping for the required advised number of hours might be difficult because of the hectic traffic you face when going and returning back from work. But still, you must get a good night sleep. Not turning in early can turn into serious health issues. Diabetes, weight gain, high blood pressure, and just plain looking old and tired are some of the ill effects of not getting proper sleep. Do try to create a sleep schedule and stick to it. At least sleep for 6 hours, although 8 hours is the required sleep duration.

2. Stress

This is an obvious pointer to looking older than you really are. Ordinarily, you don’t feel good when stressed out, talkless of looking good. Thanks to makeup, women can get away with some bags under the eye, wrinkles on the forehead. But it’s only a matter of time before stress takes a toll on you. Apart from making you look old, stress can cause depression, raise your blood pressure and a host of other evil things. Essentially do try to live a balanced life, get into a habit of deep breathing and self-reflection.

3. Eating Unhealthy Food

Water, veggies, fruits and the rest contribute extensively to how you look and how your body seems physically. Avoid fatty meats, flour and sugar as much as you can. Foods rich in omega-3 fatty acid such as fish, pear, olive oil and the rest are healthy for your digestive system and ultimately good for your skin. For a youthful and supple skin, indulge in fresh produce, vitamin C, Zinc etc. A diet that lacks protein is a recipe for wrinkles. Also drinking water is as important as taking in oxygen. Dehydration results in plenty problems such as mood changes, fatigue, difficulty concentrating and headaches. All of which will make you look and feel older!

4. Lack of Exercise

You shouldn’t just join the fitfam just to lose some weight but also to stay and feel healthy. Moderate exercise on a regular basis is what’s recommended to stay in shape, and to look youthful. So if you’re slim, don’t discard exercise as it helps you stay fit and feel strong thus making you feel youthful. Being active in general can increase short-term memory, reduce inflammation and prevent chronic diseases such as Type-2 Diabetes. Choose an exercise that you enjoy; walking, swimming, dancing or cycling, aim for a regular routine of about 20-25 minutes per day.

5. Excessive Makeup and Beauty Products

Without saying, using too many products on your face causes it to age faster. As much as makeup is such an amazing beauty tool, it should be used minimally. Excessive makeup does cause damage to your skin. Beauty products and makeup items contain chemicals which cause wrinkles and introduce bacteria onto the face plus it also causes skin irritations and breakouts. So to avoid some serious damage to your face, do remove your makeup before going to bed. Truth is the less chemical products you use on your face, the fresher and younger your face looks and feels.

Make a conscious effort to take care of your health and your body would thank you for it.

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