Ice Prince: C.O.L.D. EP is lukewarm but it’s a sign of greater things to come

If the Ice Prince of 2008-2012 released a project called COLD, I’d go in and wear a fur coat before listening. No questions. But when it recently dropped, I could literally picture myself holding out a thermometer with doubts of how cold this E.P is self-proclaimed to be.

A very much needed piece this is (no matter what this review says or doesn’t say) because his near-evaporation was a bit too hard to bear until Particular. There was definitely no way the gods of music were going to allow him slip away again after delivering the hottest cross-continental afro jam of 2017.


That said, the first impression the EP gives from the cover is quite direct, promising of music as cold as deep space and it is accompanied by the following note:

‘Created from the lowest of degrees and the highest of pressures.’

I must commend how the full work sheerly showcases some of the hottest producers and artistes in the “alternative” substream. (Remy Baggins, Patrickxxlee, Straffiti, Jethrofaded, IllKeyz, GCL3F, JayDiggBeatz and Austyno Beatz.)

Ice has had to go with the changing trends so hearing him trap is not so surprising + his style has clearly always circled around lazy swag and never about making your jaw drop with hard hitting punches. What I’ll however never understand, is how he still comes up with lines like “I’m still the shit you the poo poo” (and puts it on the first track- Shutdown. Like yoooo, common dudeeeeee).

Space Funk, on the other hand, is a jam and a half!!!! While I cannot vouch for its instant commercial potency, I can bet that it will go up in flames if intentional funds get strategically thrown into it.(Keyword- strategically). Not only will it reinstate some of the trust we all had in Ice Prince, it will also see the exposition of the rare and precious talent that is Remy Baggins.
+ Did I hear any sample from The Weeknd here?

The decency of Hit Me Up also rests heavily on the guest presence of Patrickxxlee and Straffiti. Patrickxxlee came through with a heavy trap attack on the hook and Straffiti came with a verse as smooth and sweet as buttermilk.

I’m not sure why the fifth cut – Die For Your Love– is referred to as an interlude but what I’m very certain of is that the EP should have ended here for the following reasons.

  • The sixth track (254) is coloured with such beautiful yet provocating bass rifts (very reminiscent of Elli Goulding’s version of Tessellate) but it lost all its replay power because it lacked the density of memorable lyrics I believe it deserved. (the tour bus line kinda stuck a little though)
  • Besides Kayswitch’s ability to f**king annihilate a verse when called upon, So High is not Ice Prince’s best mar!juana music. Gimme Dat bodies this effort hands down and I think this instrumental could have been put to a much better use.
  • As for the last 2 songs (Watching you & Lasgidi No 1 chic), the EP would have been far better without them, period.

This whole outing is more experimental for Ice Prince than anything else and here’s hoping that he applies his findings into his future offerings that we hope will properly reposition him as the industry royalty we believe he really is.

Fiery level: ????/10

Wavy level: ??????/10

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