‘I was arrested by Sars because of my hair colour and labelled a Yahoo boy’ – Oap Do2dtun

Popular Nigerian On Air Personalty OlaDotun Ojuolape Kayode fondly called Do2dTUN of Cool Fm was recently arrested by the Lagos State special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS).

According to Dotun, he was faced with the entire charade as a result of his hair colour!

In a series of tweets, the media mugul/video/disc jockey explained his recent predicament in the shawl of the Sars Officials;

SARS kuku catch me finally cos of my hair. My ID card saved me. It was so funny. They were so convinced they’ve caught a yahoo boy. 6 fully armed men but one was so aware. He said “Do2dtun abi” I replied “Yes”.. he said “Dey go. I sabi you” … *breathe in and out*

I am like when do you become your hair? It was so funny. They blocked my car at Ikota but it made even more sense that they actually can pick you for the littlest things. God save us

Being broke or young should have nothing to do with your hair. We all should have the right to certain things. We are overly stereotypical in our thinking. Why do you plait your hair? Why do you do your nails? Does it mean you will die too?

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