“I Want To Make You C*m”, One Of The Sexiest Words Ever Spoken

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If you are not 18+ please leave this post now because this post is for adults, so run along! Oh, you still here? I said shoo away! Now the kids are away, let’s have some grown and sexy talk.
What is it the sexiest word someone has ever told you? I know some will say “send me your account number”, LOL. That too can be sexy in a way, but this is #vibeafterdark and when I ask what’s the sexiest word you’ve ever been told, I’m sure you know this is not “account number” talk.

Imagine your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife whispering in your ear “I want to make you cum”. God! that’s just damn sexy! Dirty talking can be interesting and it also helps to spice the sex with you and your partner. I know mastering dirty talking can be quite difficult, especially when you new at it but with continuous practice, it would sure get better.

I want to make you make you cum

Below are more sexy words/dirty talk that will turn your partner on;

“I want you to fuck me?” This right here is very sexy to hear from a woman, it’s like an invitation and this lets him know he has got you f*cked up in all ways and now you just want him inside you. This will drive him crazy and he won’t disappoint when drilling you.

“Wow, you’re huge!”  This applies to females. If your man is well hung, tell him. Who doesn’t like a compliment? He will love it when you say those words.”Babe, you so big down there, I want that big c*ck of yours”. If he isn’t that big, compliment him on his muscular body or whatever his selling point is.

“Oh my, you’re so good!” Every guy/girl would want feedback if he/she is getting it right – the positive kind anyway. “Lines such as ‘You’re so good at that!’, don’t stop”.

“I fantasize about you” Hearing about your sexual fantasies will turn your partner on as long as they are in them. Don’t spare him/her the details, make him/her the star of your X-rated visions.

“Oh, (Insert the person’s name here)” Calling out your man/woman’s name when you’re just about to orgasm is really sexy and this will also give him/her ego a boost. When doing this you have to be careful because if the relationship between you and this person ends or goes bad you don’t want to be calling your new partner your ex’s name right?

If you always talk dirty, turn it up a notch and if you don’t ever talk dirty with your partner, start doing this to spice up your sex life. No one likes a boring person that likes to play safely in the bedroom.

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