How To Enjoy Your Romance When Traffic Is Crazy In Lagos

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In some ways, traffic is killing romance in Lagos. Lovers cannot meet freely without stress due to heavy traffic. Sometimes you arrive for a date already too stressed by the traffic to enjoy your date. Or you have to wait for hours before your love arrives and you are already pissed off to chill and have a good time.

To avoid this you can stay back with your boo or bae and have fun till traffic goes down. Instead of rushing and still end up in the frustrating traffic you can stay back with your bae and have fun until the traffic goes down. You both can visit the beach, cinemas, eat/have drinks at a nice restaurant/bar while having an interesting conversation, or you guys can decide to go clubbing if it is a Friday night.

If the above doesn’t work, you both can just get roadside snacks and enjoy the traffic ride in each others company. If he/she has a nice car with A/C this would be very comfortable and you eat your snack or spoon feed your partner as he /she drives. Romantic right?

But if he/she doesn’t have a car you guys can jump bus together, taking public transport could also be very fun as you guys give funny eye contacts to each other when you see something hilarious. Don’t allow Lagos traffic to spoil your romance.

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