VIBE RELATIONSHIP: How to avoid unrequited love palava

Boys, make necessary edits and apply to yasef

So guys, the way social media and even print media sell relationships to women and men alike, is biased and lacks some basic important element. Take for instance the title: How to keep your man… Now of course you cannot keep a man that isn’t into you in the first place, BUT awon men-keeping advisors will never mention that and this might lead you to chase uninterested and time wasting individuals.

First things first, Now if you want to keep somebody, you have to be sure that the person wants to be kept. At least find out if he/she likes you small, before you start fanning out an inferno from a small fire.

Put yourself in that person’s shoes. If somebody you aren’t interested in, makes advances and does nice things for you, you are likely to deter this person only if you are “Mary Amaka “or a good guy (and I hear these ones are going extinct). The rest of us   others will simply take advantage and I am sure everyone hates to be taken advantage of.

But of course man gat to chop

So to avoid such wasted time and effort, make sure that the person has some level of interest in you, then all that advice you read might work.

love palava

At the end of the day, there is really no ‘how to’ manual on this love issue. It’s relative and requires learning on the job in most cases.

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