“How ASUU Strike Made Me A Prolific Actress”, Nsikan Isaac Opens Up

Nsikan Isaac Vibe.ng ActressIn a recent tell-all interview with Vibe.ng, Nsikan Isaac bares it all and talks about her life as an actress and what made her become the prolific actress we all know her to be. She also touchedon her most challenging movie role as an actress and tells us what other things she does to keep busy apart from acting, all these and more are disclosed in the brief interview below

1. You studied petroleum engineering at a good University which means you could have been an engineer, why acting and how did it come about?

While I was at the university, we were constantly going on strikes … sometimes they were indefinite and that really got me worried because while we were at it, there really was not anything going on for me. So I thought to get into movies to while away time, as time went on I started falling more in love with it, at some point I had to go back to complete my studies as I had deviated from school because of movies… as soon as I got my degree I had to come back to the movies again.


2. In 3 words, describe the feeling you got when you got your first acting gig


Nsikan Isaac Vibe.ng Interview

3. People say there’s the Old Nollywood and the New Nollywood, do you agree with this statement, and if yes which of them do you think you fall into?

I am not sure about that, I mean what makes it old or new? I think what is most important is being a part of a beautiful story that can make a good impact on people’s lives as well as keeping people entertained. We should be more concerned about being more of an entertainer than a new or old Nollywood actor. Who even defined this in the first place? lol


4. You’ve acted in prominent movies like Bloody Ring, Blind Queen, The Cartel.. just to mention a few, and all your roles were quite similar. Is There any particular role you’ve played that was very challenging for you, and which movie was the role in.

I have acted in “THE GLASS SLIPPERS” a movie I produced under the ROYAL ARTS ACADEMY, I think that was different for me and a little bit more challenging. I produced “THE BANKER“, it was different, “THE SCORNED HELP” very challenging too. “I BELIEVE’, PROPHET NEBU, SHADOW IN THE MIRROR, WHISPERS OF HORROR” were quite challenging too.
I just wrapped on the most challenging project I have ever done. My newest movie titled, “EXHUMED“. It is a story that highlights of Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) and Domestic VIOLENCE. It was extremely challenging and technical and hopefully, when it is out, you will love it.


5. How did your parents (most especially your father) react when you told them you wanted to be a fulltime actress.

My dad died about 20years ago unfortunately, I was singlehandedly raised by my mum. She supported my acting dreams from the beginning, but she was not so happy as the movies were taking my time away from school but as soon as I went back to school and graduated she was very much more relaxed. SHE IS MY NUMBER ONE FAN… She downloads all my trailers on her phone and even some of my full movies, LOL!


6. Would you say there’s anyone in Hollywood or Nollywood that inspired you to be an actress?

NO ONE. I always had actresses I used to watch and loved too but none was the reason I wanted to act, it was just the school situation that made go into movies.


7. What’s the one movie you can watch nonstop without getting tired and why.

“WAR ROOM” Because of the powerful message behind the movie which is what 80% of homes can relate with.


8. In all the movies you’ve acted which of them is your personal favourite and why.

I REALLY LOVED “THE GLASS SLIPPERS” which I produced under RAA because I had to play a character that was different from what I had been playing and the reviews were mindblowing too, the recommendations too got me constantly wowed. Most of my direct messages in regards to that movie got me emotional as the reviews were better than my expectations.


9. Apart from acting, any other side gigs?

I own a studio in Abuja (LEIA COLE STUDIOS) where we do hair, makeup, full outfit styling, set designs, equipment rentals, studio space rentals, outfit rentals, documentaries, film production, photography, event coverages etc.


10. What should your fans be expecting from you in the nearest future

They should be prepared for beautiful creations from my studio, from pictures to movies. And lest I forget, I just wrapped on one of the best movies of my life titled. ” EXHUMED”, It will be so worth it and I am more excited about the fact that this is my come back after I went to have my baby. So wait on it sweethearts… it will be a bang!

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Nsikan Isaac Vibe.ng InterviewNsikan Isaac Vibe.ng Interview

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