Hotline Bling: Women Call to Brag About Sleeping With R.Kelly on Victim Hotline

R. Kelly’s ongoing criminal case and an assortment of legal issues aren’t stopping him from getting action … at least according to several callers who want it to be known.

According to TMZ, the hotline Kim Foxx set up in January for the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office for victims abused by the singer to report their claims is being exploited by folks who want to report their sexual experiences with him.

The hotline has gotten dozens of calls from mostly women, who phone in to inform prosecutors they slept with Kelly, while some are even bragging about sleeping with the singer multiple times.

TMZ also stated that the volume of calls coming in from people with R. Kelly sex stories has been staggering to some involved with the case, but at the end of the day, they are irrelevant.

All we can think of is, wow. I guess while some people are sad about ever having had anything to do with R. Kelly, there are others who want the world to know that they have had trysts with the Ignition crooner.

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