The Steady Decline Of Hollywood Movies In Nigerian Cinemas

I was so looking forward to Valentine’s day because i had the greatest plan ever. After work, I’d go to the cinemas to get a refreshing dose of headshots, and then go home to spend quality time with my love – The UEFA Champions League.

Imagine my surprise when I got to the cinemas, checked their schedule and didn’t see John Wick Chapter 2. Fam! I had never been so confused in my life. I initially felt they forgot to put it on their pamphlet, so I asked the attendant… And she said they were not showing it.


No John Wick Chapter 2… No Fifty Shades Darker.

I demanded a reason, as well as five other people who came to the cinemas to watch one or both of the afore mentioned movies…. But there was none. So I went back home very sad… Well, on a side note, PSG made my night on February 14 by demolishing Barcelona 4-0, so it was all good.

Over the course of the week, I watched social media closely to see if Nigerian tweeps tweeted or discussed how mind-blowing John Wick Chapter 2 was… but there was nothing. It felt like there was serious radio silence from movie lovers (probably because of the ongoing Big Brother Naija)! And up till now, I’m guessing a buttload of Nigerians still have no idea that both John Wick Chapter 2 and Fifty Shades Darker have been released.


However, I noted that Nigerians still buzzed on about The Wedding Party, and how awesome the movie is. It’s been over three months now and Nigerians are still talking nonstop about the movie,  which as you have seen, is still showing in cinemas nationwide and has grossed well over N200 million already… and that is a really awesome feat!

In truth, we’ve had more Nollywood than ‘quality’ Hollywood movies showing in cinemas nationwide since September 2016. For Hollywood movies like John Wick Chapter 2 ($125m worldwide) and Fifty Shades Darker ($328m worldwide) to not get screen time at the expense of taking out Nollywood movies from the cinema’s schedule, it shows that now, there must be a certain standard  met first, plus, a high level of anticipation for Hollywood movies before they are screened in our cinemas.


Nollywood ti take over!!!

All we can do now is pray that Nollywood keeps up with the new level of hype and standard they’ve set and not go back to their old ways. But I won’t lie, e pain me say dem no dey show John Wick Chapter 2 sha!

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